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Jan 08 2016
by Caroline Doxsee

10 Signs You and Your Roommate are Soulmates

By Caroline Doxsee - Jan 08 2016

There comes a time in your life where someone walks in and you wonder why you haven't met sooner. It's as if you are looking right into a mirror and you see yourself. For some of us, our roommate is that special person that has been missing from our lives. Finally, there is someone that can listen to your crazy theories and put up with your messiness, physically and emotionally. We hear stories about how roommates can be absolutely terrifying or wonderful. So for the ones who firmly believe that your roommate is the best of the best, this one is for you.

1. You share the same TV show obsession and binge watch it together way too many times.

Sometimes when watching a TV show by yourself from noon 'till night you regret making such an irresponsible decision. Now, you have someone who makes it not worth regretting.

2. You can vent to each other about your issues, no matter how insignificant. 

Sometimes venting to your mother about how cute this guy is in your Psych class is not the greatest idea. But, if you have a roommate who is willing to hear about it, the world is yours.

3. You swap each others' clothes and closets on the daily.

When pairing an outfit together, you sometimes have a dilemma where you're missing an important staple item, or you just don't have any more clean clothes and have to resort to doing the infamous "sniff-check." Now, you have your roommate's closet, which means double the closet!

4. You eat each other's food like its your own.

You are too lazy to make your way to the dining hall or you have run out of your beloved Kraft Mac and Cheese. Either way, you often find yourself rummaging through your roommates food and its perfectly okay because its yours too, right?

5. They have the final say on whether you are looking decent enough to step out in public.

Sometimes we have tunnel vision and cannot see how we really look because well, this is a normal thing. Thankfully, we have our personal Joan Rivers to approve of our fashion choices or to Project Runway our whole appearance.

6. You have normal bodily functions and there is no judgement.

Because belching at the dinner table was not the most respectable thing to do. But now, its perfectly acceptable if your roommate rates your burps.

7. They are your second mother.

Because mommy isn't here anymore and you don't know what you are going to do with your life. But do not fret, they can take care of you when you are sick, fold your clothes, and clean up your mess.

8. They join in with you in your impromptu dance parties.

All those times where you were dancing by yourself because life became too much, you wished you had somebody to do it with. Now you can bust a few moves in the middle night with your roomie by your side. 


9. They are your plus-one to everything, no matter where you go.

From Chick-Fil-A runs to those parties you ditch after five minutes, she is always with you.

10. Even though you get real up close and personal with every detail of each other's life, you always look forward to seeing them again.

You then realize that you actually can't live without them.

Spending special moments like these can only be done with your one and only roommate. 

Here's to them!

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Caroline Doxsee - Liberty University

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