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Jul 15 2016
by Caitlyn Anderson

7 Things Out of State Students Hear Way Too Much

By Caitlyn Anderson - Jul 15 2016

If you attend college outside of your state, there are a few things you're guaranteed to hear all the time. People will say these phrases to you so often that you'll be pretty tired of hearing them in no time.

1. "Isn't out of state tuition expensive?"

Almost always. Out-of-state students can shell out up to $30,000 more on tuition than their in-state peers. Trust me, us out-of-staters are well aware of this harsh reality. There's no need to remind us!


2. "Your family will be so far away!"

This factor is a part of many out-of-staters decision. Of course we’ll miss them (sometimes). At the end of the day, the distance helps us develop a new maturity and independence.


3. "Won’t you be homesick?"

Everyone has a soft spot for their hometown. But, everything we love about home will still be there when we get back. In the meantime, we have so much to learn from exploring a new setting. Onwards to adventure!


4. "Long distance relationships never work."

Anyone traveling far away for college has been confronted by the inevitable fear of losing touch with those close to you, especially friends and significant others. The truth is that many of us will fall out of contact with people we once considered essential to our happiness. It’s a natural byproduct of growing and changing. However, for those you deem too important to lose, staying close is easy. All it takes is a little use of your phone and social media to remain involved in each other’s lives. (Not to mention you can still see them during breaks!) 


5. "That’ll be such a big change!"

We know. Not just a big change, but perhaps the biggest change we’ve ever experienced. College is already a huge adjustment, even if you aren’t traveling to a completely new area. But we’ll be better off because of it. An unfamiliar terrain means exposure to diversity and a whole new host of opportunities. 


6. "How are you going to get all your stuff out there?"

Honestly, I’m surprised by how frequently I’m asked this question. I don’t think the logistics of my moving process are particularly interesting, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from inquiring about it. For most out of state students, loading up an entire car or trailer isn’t really an option. For us, moving involves cramming as much into our luggage as airlines will allow. This, coupled with shipping and buying some things at college, ensures we have all our essentials.


7. "Wow, you’re really trying to get out of here!"

One of my favorite memories from the college application process was my counselor examining my college list and looking slightly dumbfounded. He glanced up at me and said, “Wow, you’re really trying to get out of here, huh?” Truth be told, I was. I would hear similar sentiments from various people in the months to come. For many out-of-state students, the decision is driven in part by wanderlust. Can you blame us for wanting a change of scenery?


If you're an out-of-stater, all of these probably sound too familiar. You've heard them from friends, family and even teachers. And frankly, we're sick of it. Maybe we can finally put these over-used expressions to rest! 

Lead Image Credit: Stein Magne Bjørklund via Flickr Creative Commons

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Caitlyn Anderson - University of California, Los Angeles

Caitlyn attends UCLA with a major in chemical engineering. Her interests include writing, traveling, and the environment.

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