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Jun 14 2016
by Bryanna Allen

7 Ways to Make a Small-Town Summer Count

By Bryanna Allen - Jun 14 2016

The summer before college in a small suburban town can be a TINY bit boring. Here's a guide to help you discover a lil sum-sum about you and your town.

1. Go on a YouTube binge.


This may seem a little bit counterproductive, but on a rainy day, you will find the best undiscovered artists when you have nothing to do. Watch one of your favorite artists and look on the sidebar and click on someone completely new. Not Taylor Swift when you're a Linkin Park fan, someone completely unknown to you. (Racing Glaciers, anyone?)

2. Plan a hide and seek trip to your local Walmart.

Retailing Today

Gather round, friends! Figure out who is going to be "it" and then RUN! Seriously, the rules are simple but the game is so complex in a store. Hide in special places that are important to you or completely random spots. (Bonus tip: Plan some rewards for the person that's "it" if they discover people. Food is a common reward.)

3. Take a walk or bike at a time you wouldn't normally.


This is all about making small discoveries, right? There is so many things to be seen super early in the morning or a little later when the sun is going down. Smell the air, look around, really exist in the moment. Think about your life and how much you're going to miss your hometown.. you may not think so but watch! You will. Music helps. (Just don't crash.)

4. Visit your local forest preserve.

Kane Forest

Definition of hidden gem: forest preserve. If your town has any open area of greenery or maybe just a field, sit there and enjoy the majesty. There is such beautiful scenery and you can really discover the nature of your town. Have a seat, grab some friends, have a picnic, just sit and absorb the beautiful land.

5. Get a job.

Jewel Osco

You never know, working at the local Jewel or Walmart may become one of the best jobs you have. Don't knock it 'till you try it! You never really think your coworkers will become some of your close friends and maybe bumping into your friends (or some cute guy you didn't have the guts to talk to) may be an even better part of the job. Jobs suck and your coworkers can relate but you can make it fun! (plus you have money for decorating your dorm!)

6. Read and share, read and share. 


Find a silly, weird, or serious book (not necessarily Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and read with your friends. Keep it short, and don't impose punishments if someone didn't read – you don't want to exhaust yourself before college. Then, share. It sounds lame but as budding collegiates, you might as well pick up a book. Vote on it before you read it, so no one feels "obligated" to read a book they don't want to. 

7. Outside theater, anyone?

Naturally Educated

Get a group of friends and go to a park, forest, or backyard and play an angsty high school drama or some reminiscent movie (Mean Girls, LOL, The DUFF, even Jennifer's Body). It will bring you closer to each other and nature. (Just get a laptop or iPad, not a phone.)

Lead Image Credit: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

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Bryanna Allen - Loyola University Chicago

Bryanna is a freshman at Loyola University-Chicago on the pre-medical track majoring in Health Systems Management. Bryanna is an avid fan of Troye Sivan, God, and EDM. She loves reading, learning, writing poetry, and repping Loyola, GO 'BLERS! and Northern Illinois, GO HUSKIES! (her best friends go there:) Follow her on Instagram @lilallenn_ and on Twitter @bryannnaallen.

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