The Carolina Indian Circle (CIC) is a Native American organization at the University of North Carolina that was founded in 1974 in order to provide a place for American Indian students to have fellowship and spread knowledge of their culture.

As a Native American student at UNC, the CIC has been very welcoming and inviting to me, and the members provide great support and friendship.

CIC is a great place to begin getting involved with Native American organizations at UNC. Most members happen to also be members of many other organizations and can provide further help as to why, where and how to get involved with other organizations.

The CIC meets every Tuesday at 6:30 in the Great Hall. More information can be found on their website or by emailing them.  

Coincidently, the CIC hosted its 30th Annual Powwow on Saturday, March 4 in Fetzer Hall. The powwow was a great success, with students, teachers and people from all over North Carolina showing up. There was food, merchandise and incredible dancing and drumming.

Here are some pictures from this weekend's powwow.

Men's Fancy Dancing   

Darla deMontesquiou

Women's Fancy Dancing 

Darla deMontesquiou
Darla deMontesquiou

An adorable little boy in Men's Traditional Dress 

Darla deMontesquiou

Women's Jingle Dancing 

Darla deMontesquiou

Come to next year's powwow and see more! Also, come to CIC or visit their website to learn more about powwows and the organization in general. Stay tuned for more articles about Native American student resources at UNC.

Lead Image Credit: Ryan Stanley via The American Indian Center