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Feb 17 2017
by Brooklyn Brown

Freshman Friday: Minna Banawan

By Brooklyn Brown - Feb 17 2017

Minna Banawan is a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is highly intelligent, highly passionate, highly independent and she just turned 17.

Minna is pursuing a double major in Psychology and Women's & Gender Studies with a minor in Comparative Literature. A wide range of studies, right? Minna says:

"I would describe myself as dynamic because my hobbies, habits and passions can change quickly and often. . .I chose [my majors and minor] because they are pretty well-rounded to cover my interests and they will allow me to do a number of things later in life instead of staying in one field for my whole life." 

Minna's wide selection of academia reflects her unique intelligence and passion. She is known to be very opinionated and outspoken on campus, willing to stand up when no one else will. Carolina is a school that works towards crafting people that will impact the world, and I believe that Minna will fulfill Carolina's wishes.

Minna Banawan

And, as I mentioned before, she just turned 17. At a significantly young age, Minna is taking on college with ease, both academically and socially. Minna is an incredible friend to many. She stated that her favorite part of UNC is the friendships she's built. Here is what Minna's friends think about her:

"Minna is one of the most genuine, kind and dedicated people I have ever met. She is always engaged in every aspect of the Carolina community. Whether it's helping with my programs I host, organizing with other students passionate about social justice or being an exceptional support system for her friends, Minna is what every Tar Heel should strive to exemplify during their Carolina experience."         — Brandon Yelverton, UNC 2017
"Minna is an outstanding Tar Heel because of her compassion for her classmates. No matter how long she's known them, or how well, Minna is always ready to aid, assist and support those around her whether it be in academics or personal matters." — Dakota Walters, UNC 2020
"Minna is an outstanding Tar Heel as she is an accepting person. She is willing to listen to you and talk to you if you ever happen to pop in the lounge." — Evan Grimes, UNC 2020

I selected Minna Banawan as our Freshman of the week for a number of reasons, but I think the biggest reason is her heart. She embodies empathy, which I believe is one of the driving forces in her willingness to fight against wrong and help others. She is a shining example of the Carolina Way.

Lead Image Credit: Minna Banawan

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Brooklyn Brown - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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