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Aug 03 2017
by Brooklyn Brown

8 Do's and Don'ts of Move-In Day

By Brooklyn Brown - Aug 03 2017

Our first year of college teaches us a lot. Perhaps most often, it teaches what not to do in the years to come. In the case of moving in, which is arguably the hardest part (besides finals week, of course), these newly seasoned sophomores have some do's and don'ts to share with the incoming freshmen for move-in day. 

1. Do "bring a hand truck." — Celia Farmer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

If you have one or can obtain one, it is a very nice idea.

2. "Don't rush, because there's going to be a billion people there no matter what time you show up." — Shelby Hyatt, Western Carolina University

3. Do "take as little as possible because you gotta haul all that crap back and that's the last thing you wanna do at the end of the semester." — Gabrielle Lane, University of Alabama

Actual footage of me lugging an unnecessary piece of furniture down a raggedy flight of dorm stairs.  

4. "Do NOT, I repeat do NOT, buy a shag rug." — Darla deMontesquiou, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A shag rug is like a tonsil; it's great for collecting bacteria, but then that collected bacteria tries to kill you.

5. Do "pack a cold/flu first aid kit because you will get sick." — Faith Long, Carson-Newman University

Davis Dawson

This is actually a photo of me being totally sick during my first week of college.

6. "Don't bring 628919182667384838626 outfits. You'll only wear 3." — Celia Farmer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

7. Do "let your parents help, no matter how annoying it seems. It's helpful for you and sentimental for them." — Heather Whitt, University of Miami

8. "Don't sit in your room. Get out and do stuff so you don't get sad." — Caitlyn Dills, Clemson University 

The best way to avoid cabin fever is to leave your cabin.

I hope you've learned something, young bucks. College is intimidating, but moving in is half the battle. One last piece of advice: If you have questions, just ask. It'll save a lot of time and fretting. Welcome and good luck, class of 2021.

Lead Image Credit: Robbie Brown 

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Brooklyn Brown - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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