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Aug 17 2017
by Brooklyn Brown

7 Students Weigh in on College Football vs. the NFL

By Brooklyn Brown - Aug 17 2017

It's football season, the second most wonderful time of the year. But with this beautiful season comes the age old question, and by age old question I mean relatively new question: Which is better, the NFL or college football? 

To some, this question is silly, trivial and utterly irrelevant to the history of mankind. But to others, this question is worthy of being an essay question on an AP test. This question causes fights, ruins friendship and just downright stirs the pot. 

So, naturally, I decided to ask some die-hard football fans the question in order to 1. stir some pots and 2. try to form an opinion myself. They had a lot to say, and I had a lot of thinking to do.

1. Celia Farmer, a passionate Panthers fan.

"National Football League for me... it's the biggest and best football players in the world all playing for one of the most storied trophies, the Lombardi. Some people say college football is better because 'those guys are playing their hearts out in college and once they get to the NFL it's just not the same.' I highly disagree. It's pretty hard to get on an NFL team much less REMAIN on an NFL team. If you don't play your best you WILL get cut. It's simple." 

A very strong stance with some very large points. 

2. Caitlyn Dills, a diehard Clemson fan.

"Maybe I'm biased because I go to a football school (go Tigers) but I prefer college football mostly because I feel like it's more personal and intimate — almost because you can say I'M a Clemson Tiger or I'M a Carolina Tar Heel... you don't get that in the NFL. And college football seems more real. College football players are playing with a purpose. They aren't getting paid to play so their whole heart is in it because most dream of making it pro. In the NFL I feel like a lot of times it's just kind of like, 'I'm here because I get paid to be.'" 

Another very strong stance with some more very large points, but on an entirely different side of the spectrum. 

3. Will Reid, or as I like to call him, Switzerland.

"Both, NFL players are more skilled, but watching college teams is better because of the tradition." 

This was when I realized "both" was a choice, and my life changed. 

4. Caleb Woodard, another passionate Panthers fan, and the last to completely advocate for the NFL.

"From someone who really knows football, it's more pleasing to watch pro football because it's more precise and not as sloppy as college. But for me personally, I just love it because I know like every player and the Panthers since day one, baby!" 

5. Jake Marr, a Carson-Newman Eagle.

"In my opinion, college football is better because the players still have to care about the team... they aren't getting paid. The NFL is a business and players are more concerned about themselves as opposed to being concerned about the team." 

6. Breanne Abbott, who says essentially the same thing as Jake.

"College is better because of the rivalries, the fact that the players are motivated by their love for the game, not money ... players' improvement is fun to watch because they have a goal (make it to the NFL), and they don't have as much of an ego." 

7. Angel Bowers, who gives another Switzerland-ish opinion.

"NFL is fun to watch because you're watching the best players in the world compete. College is fun to watch because of all the upsets. What I don't like about the NFL is that it's a business. It's all about the money. College is more authentic, which gives a better feel to watching it. Especially when you know the players aren't getting paid millions and instead are playing for the love of the game." 

And with Angel's nice, neutral stance, we conclude the interview portion of this article. Now is the time for me to say something I guess. 

I joke. Honestly, I just think football is brilliant and American in all its forms — from little league with the melodramatic helicopter dads all the way to the big leagues. But I really love it because of all the high-quality movies it produces. 


Lead Image Credit: Robbie Brown 

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