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Nov 08 2017
by Brooklyn Brown

5 Affordable, Crafty Ways to Decorate Your Dorm for Fall

By Brooklyn Brown - Nov 08 2017

Fall brings out the Martha Stewart in all of us (not the insider trading Martha, the artsy Martha just to clarify). It can be difficult to let your inner Martha out when you're a college student living in what feels like a four by four white box. So, I've decided to go on an internet adventure and discover five of the cheapest, easiest and overall college-friendly crafts to make this fall season. 

1. Book Page Pumpkin by Kara Cook

via creationsbykara

The first craft I found was this really cute book pumpkin that makes you look both sophisticated and nifty. Yes, essentially you are required to cut up a book, and as an English major, that should probably hurt my soul, but it doesn't mostly because cutting up required textbooks that you'll never read again is truly cathartic. In a nut shell, you cut the pages of a book into the shape of a pumpkin, spray paint it orange, stick a piece of wood in the top and tie it with a green ribbon which costs roughly $5. For a more detailed tutorial, visit this website.  

2. Corn Wreath 


Literal elementary school children made this wreath, so you can do it too. All you need to do is find a piece of bubble-wrap or a Lego, dip them in fall-colored paint and dab them on construction paper. You then cut the paper into corn shapes, cut some green leaf-like shapes, glue that together and congratulations you have a beautiful corn wreath and you got to play with bubble-wrap. 

Visit this website for more information. 

3. Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Do not be intimidated; all you need for this is orange yarn, green pipe cleaners, twine and scissors.  


Wrap the yarn around your fingers, take a 10 inch piece of yarn, tie it in the middle of your yarn ball, cut a little pipe cleaner stem and tie it to the pumpkin. 




Tie to twine. 


Voila; here's the website.

4. Thanksgiving Tree

Darla deMontesquiou

This is my dorm door from last year. Essentially, all you do is cut leaf shapes and a tree trunk. Each day, you write something that you're thankful for on a leaf, all the way up until Thanksgiving. It's cheap and cute and it reminds you to stay thankful. 

5. Paper Pumpkin 


Once again, do not be intimidated. If you are intimidated, look at this image of this actual toddler flawlessly doing this craft. 


This craft is kind of hard to explain, so visit this for the tutorial. All you need is construction paper, a stapler and some string to hang these cute lil' pumpkins with.  

Let's be real; we are on the homestretch of this semester, which means our stress levels are getting ready to sky rocket. Crafting can be both fun and decorative, and a way to maintain our sanity for the next few weeks. So, happy crafting and happy fall, y'all! 

Lead Image Credit: Darla deMontesquiou 

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Brooklyn Brown - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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