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Aug 22 2017
by Brittany Pierce

6 Things You Should Stop Saying to Runners

By Brittany Pierce - Aug 22 2017

It is no secret that distance runners appear to be a rare kind of human being. They wake up before dawn to run more miles in one morning than most people will run in two weeks, spend upwards of $120 on one pair of running shoes, pay to run in road races and never take off their running watches. Although distance runners may seem like aliens, we are real people and sometimes we get tired of hearing these same old comments every day. 

1. "Run, Forrest, run!"

This might be the worst thing that you can say to a runner. We all love this movie, but nothing will annoy runners more than hearing this from a random stranger during a workout. 

2. "Do you even like running?"

Oh no, not at all. Yes, of course we actually like running! Why would we run if we didn't enjoy it? That would be a ton of wasted effort. 

3. "Running is not a sport."

I take it back, THIS is the absolute worst thing you could ever say to a runner. If you have never participated in cross country before, then you have no right to determine whether or not it is a sport. And hello, running is the base of all sports, so therefore running itself is indeed a sport. 

4. "Running is easy."

Well, you might think running is easy if you have never done it before. We might make running look easy, but in reality, it is far from it.

5. "You're crazy."

If by that you mean incredibly tough, disciplined and dedicated to the sport that we love, then yes, we are crazy. 

6. "I can't even run a mile."

Of course you can! It takes a lot of time and discipline to become a long distance runner. Even the people who run marathons today struggled to run one mile at some point in their lives; you just have to keep going. 

Well, there you have it. The next time you find yourself in the middle of a conversation with a runner, try to avoid saying any of these things. Who knows, maybe one day you will decide to join the club and become a runner, too!

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Brittany Pierce - Alma College

Brittany Pierce is a freshman at Alma College double majoring in Sociology and Communication and minoring in Spanish. At her high school, Brittany was class president, captain of the cross country team, and a member of the yearbook committee. Brittany loves camping, spending time with family, and reading.

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