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Aug 07 2017
by Brittany Pierce

6 Colleges Where You Can Take A Class on Ice Cream

By Brittany Pierce - Aug 07 2017

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. With summer comes everyone’s favorite frozen treat that you simply can’t get enough of while trying to beat the heat. With move-in day in less than a month, your ice cream-filled summer is coming to an end. But, it doesn’t have to. Here are six colleges where you can take a class on ice cream.

1. Penn State University 

Each year, about 120 students from all over the world travel to Penn State to take its famous Ice Cream short course. This course teaches you all about ice cream making from "Cow to Cone" in just one week. In the past 126 years, the course has attracted more than 4,400 participants from each state and every continent other than Antarctica. This is the oldest and best known ice cream class in the United States.

2. The University of Wisconsin, Madison

This university offers an Ice Cream Makers course that gives students in-depth exposure to everything about manufacturing ice cream as well as hands-on experience. During this course, attendees will manufacture several hundred gallons of ice cream. There is also a Batch Freezer Workshop, which teaches students how to make premium frozen desserts using batch freezer technologies. For those who are interested in owning their own ice cream shops, the university offers a Successful Ice Cream Retailers course as well.

3. The University of California, Irvine

In Ice Cream Science class, students will be exposed to the underlying science behind ice cream. They will cover various topics such as chemistry, biology, physics and engineering in ways that relate to the design, manufacturing and tasting of ice cream. This course provides lectures, demonstrations and, of course, hands-on experience so that students are well equipped to make their own ice cream in the future.

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4. The University of Guelph, Canada

This Ice Cream Technology short course is designed for small or large scale manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and anyone who is interested in getting into the ice cream business. Held since 1914, this popular week-long course is the only one of its kind in Canada.


5. The University of Reading, U.K.

This year, the University of Reading is hosting its 67th annual Ice Cream short course. If you’re interested in studying abroad and eating ice cream, then this course is perfect for you. This course provides valuable hands-on experience in ice cream making with certified professionals. On the last day of the class, students are even granted time to work on creating their very own flavors.


6. Ice Cream University

If you are truly serious about starting your own ice cream business, then this is the place for you. Founded in 1995 by Malcolm Stogo, Ice Cream University has helped hundreds of individuals succeed in the ice cream business. With three different seminars to offer, you can learn everything there is to know about flavor and product research and development, consulting, manufacturing and selling ice cream. You can learn how to make dairy-free desserts here, too. 

With these classes, you can actually have fun and study at the same time. If you are tired of the same old boring classes, mix it up and take one of these delicious classes instead.

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Brittany Pierce - Alma College

Brittany Pierce is a freshman at Alma College double majoring in Sociology and Communication and minoring in Spanish. At her high school, Brittany was class president, captain of the cross country team, and a member of the yearbook committee. Brittany loves camping, spending time with family, and reading.

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