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Jan 30 2018
by Brittany Gionakis

You Don't Have to Find Your Soulmate in College

By Brittany Gionakis - Jan 30 2018

Three hundred and sixty three. That's how many pins are on my future wedding board. Yes, my wedding is practically planned and the man that shares that special day with me has to deal. Wait a secondwhere is he? He was planned to be in my life for three years already! However, he is no where to be seen, let alone found. 

However, being in college and all the experiences I've had without that man by my side are experiences that I wouldn't trade for the world. I've met the best people, established a life for myself and had many laughs along the way. So not having that man to share these things with is perfectly okay, and as a senior in college, I can tell you why.

You are in college to make something of yourself. Let me emphasize that making something of yourself does not necessarily go according to plan and also doesn't require validation from a man. 

You're in college to find your true career path and learn all you can about it. You want to be the best teacher, nurse or marine biologist you can be, right? Honestly, the only person who can make you the best at your craft is yourself and the efforts you desire to put into that craft.

You have complete control of your college experience and not having a man to share that with in exchange for pursuing your dreams is something that I would consider a fair trade. You're starting the career of your dreams and putting yourself out there while you're in college, your soulmate is doing the same exact thing.  Your paths will merge at some point, but don't be disappointed if it isn't now.

If there's one thing that I want to advise you to stay away from in college, it's drama. While it seems almost impossible to stay away from it, it's even harder to deal with the drama of who you think is your "soulmate." Let me be brutally honest here: nine times out of ten, they're only your soulmate for that particular phase of your life.

It's not worth risking your overall health crying because your "soulmate" was found with another girl at the club last Thursday... and Friday and Saturday. There are so many other things that your brain needs to focus on like, getting  your degree, finding your college niche and adapting to overall college life, need I go on? You don't need the extracurricular pressure of finding out that someone is not your soulmate for any number of reasons. College is a perfect time to focus on you and everything your life is going to offer you. 

Let me just say if you found your soulmate in college, I want to congratulate you. I personally want to wish you the best and hope that the life you create together and the experiences you've endured in college have been the best times of your life.

But for the ones that haven't found their soulmate yet and they don't seem to be on the horizon: that's perfectly okay. Don't stress about it, because sometimes the most unexpected things that come your way (i.e. your soulmate at any point in life) turn out to be some of the biggest blessings, all because you were patient and waited for the right things.

Please, don't be discouraged if your soulmate isn't right beside you yet. They will come and you will be even more thankful then.

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Brittany Gionakis - Lander University

Brittany (Buh-rit-Tah-knee) Noun: Future Teacher, Chick-Fil-A enthusiast, College Senior, Wild Dreamer.

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