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Jul 01 2017
by Bre'Anna Grant

Trump Supporter Cleans Off Trump Hollywood Star and Twitter Is Furious

By Bre'Anna Grant - Jul 01 2017

We all have a right to our own opinions and it is obvious that not everyone was raised the same. However, that doesn't stop people from bashing you on the internet for your opinion. Makenna Greenwald, a Trump supporter, stopped to clean debris and sharpie off of President Trump's Hollywood star and people are not having it.

The tweet has received a lot of attention, with over 26,000 retweets and 124,000 favorites. She has received over 3,300 replies from people supporting her decision (and Trump) to bashing her and telling her that she wasn't "#RaisedRight after all.

Three college students shared their reactions from the tweet via Twitter direct message.

"I personally believe that people who think so highly of Trump are just brainwashed. They are born in a bubble where they don't have any perspective of people who are truly affected by Trump and his supporters," said Natalie Dang, a sophomore nursing major at Camden County College. "This girl lives in Wyoming and from the looks of it, she hangs around solely white people. Trump is for rich, white folks. Of course, she doesn't care about [people of color] and the effect Trump has against us. I think that's where her support stems from. When I see this, I know it's just another blind white girl who supports Trump because that's how everyone around her thinks."

Dang said the big issue is upbringing.

"I can't blame her for having this mindset because they're all brainwashed to be like this. They don't know any better because they were raised like this. She thinks that she's raised right because she 'respects' the president but doesn't have enough common sense to educate herself or even have empathy," Dang said. "I empathize for her solely because when you're raised a certain way, I think it's hard to change those beliefs. However, I think at a certain age, people can definitely have a mind of their own and get educated on the real world."

Jocelyn Ferrigno, a sophomore at Stockton University majoring in hospitality and tourism management studies, said the tweet was a waste of her time.

"In my opinion, she posted that to piss people off and get a rise out of society and that's exactly what she got," Ferrigno said. "It was a waste of time because with all of the people that hate Donald Trump, it was bound to be ruined again. I also heard that it was immediately after she cleaned it."

"I'm a firm believer in people being entitled to their own opinion and there's no way you can debate an opinion," Yola Lamarre, a freshman business administration major at the University of Bridgeport, said. "However, it baffles me severely how one would actually support and not oppose someone who has proven numerous times that he is a bias[ed] and disrespectful person exposed through his appalling behavior. It's also quite humorous and ironic to me as well because he doesn't support the rights for women as well and she actually supports someone who upholds a nonchalant attitude towards her right due to her gender."

Fresh U attempted to reach out to Makenna Greenwald and other supporters of Greenwald's actions, but they declined to respond.

Lead Image Credit: Makenna Greenwald via Twitter

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Bre'Anna Grant - St. John's University

Bre'Anna is currently a sophomore at St. John's University. She is studying Journalism with an Italian minor with the intentions of becoming a reporter for CNN. In her free time, she loves to volunteer, read, write poetry and watch Bob's Burgers while drinking her favorite drink: lemonade. (Follow her on IG at @_bbaagg or on Twitter at @bbaagg_)

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