We've all heard the old saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me," when we were younger. Well, they LIED. Almost everyone knows how mean people can be and how they'll go out of their way just to ruin your day.

Yet, Taylor Ozuna, a freshman at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley took to Twitter to let her haters know that she is in love with herself and no one can stop her.

"Growing up, I was anemic. After recovering, I began to gain weight," Ozuna told Fresh U via Twitter direct messages. "In elementary school, I gained the weight which caused people to bully me, so I started self-harming in 5th grade. Over the years I gained more weight and my body was covered in stretch marks and scars."

"People would make fun of my fat, call me a pig at school and make snort noises. My self-esteem and depression got worse so I thought maybe it was time to end it," Ozuna said. "I had a suicide attempt. After my little sis found me, I realized this isn't what I want for her."

From there, Ozuna slowly started recovering. The Boys and Girls Club of Alamo would counsel her and from the support of her family and the wonderful staff, she began to recover and found peace within herself. Now she counsels individuals who struggle with what she did.

Her body positivity tweet has received a lot of attention with over 1,900 retweets and 14,000 favorites, and Twitter users are loving it:

When asked if she expected her tweet to go viral, Ozuna replied, "I'm a girl from a small town in the valley. Of course not."

For those of you who struggle with self-love and body image, Ozuna leaves this message: "You need to love yourself. Be kind. Be humble. Be positive. Stay strong."

Lead Image Credit: @taylor_ozuna via Twitter