There's a love/hate relationship between college students and holidays. Home-cooked meals and spending time with family is all fun and games until your relatives start asking you questions about college. By the time you're done, you've explained your major to Grandpa Jake four times and are ready to head back to school. Robert Clarke, a freshman at Ohio State University, took answering questions from relatives to the next level.

"I'm mentally fatigued and miss a home-cooked meal. So in all honesty, I didn't feel like doing much talking and just wanted to eat," Clarke told Fresh U via Twitter direct messages. "I knew a majority of the questions that would be asked of me at the dinner table, so I made the poster the day before with my mom. She was my scribe and I told her what to type. She also added a couple things to a few of the answers."

Since tweeting, Clarke's tweet has gone viral with over 69,000 favorites and Twitter users are loving it:

As for his relatives, they thought it was funny, too.

"They all thought it was hilarious and made sense. They looked for which question they wanted to ask and went on their way," Clarke said. "There are a couple questions that they wanted me to go into further detail and I didn't mind talking about those."

Clarke had no idea that his tweet would go viral.

"I had to turn off my notifications and this morning was ridiculous because I hadn't check in a while," Clarke said.

The game has just been changed.

Lead Image Credit: @RobertClarke98 via Twitter