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May 30 2017
by Bre'Anna Grant

High School Senior Surprised With The Gift of a Lifetime

By Bre'Anna Grant - May 30 2017

What's the best part about high school graduation? Finally getting your diploma after 12 long years of doing research papers and sitting through irrelevant assemblies. However, the next best thing is graduation gifts. Some students are lucky enough to get brand new cars or a $1,000 handbag, but this high school senior received the best gift of all: a handwritten letter from her grandma who passed away when she was four.

"I was really young when she died, but I remember so much about her," Kayla Buckmaster said via Twitter DMs. "She made all my birthday cakes, took me everywhere she went, and was the best grandma ever. She had the kindest heart and was always willing to help anybody in need." 

"She taught me so many things like every single state and their capital by the age of 3. Every holiday was spent by her side, but she unfortunately passed away from a brain tumor when I was four."

The gift was a total surprise to Buckmaster.

"It was a total surprise," Buckmaster said. "I got a text from my dad that said he had a present for me when I was at my grad night and the next morning, he came in my room and handed it to me and I had no clue what it was. I started crying, and it was super exciting and emotional."

Her heart-felt tweet has received over 85,000 retweets and 453,000 likes.

"I had no idea that it would go viral. My sister predicted it after about 200 retweets and then it just blew up," Buckmaster said.

Twitter found it to be the cutest thing. 

We know one thing for sure, she received a gift that will forever keep on giving.

Lead Image Credit: @buckee8 via Twitter

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Bre'Anna Grant - St. John's University

Bre'Anna is currently a sophomore at St. John's University. She is studying Journalism with an Italian minor with the intentions of becoming a reporter for CNN. In her free time, she loves to volunteer, read, write poetry and watch Bob's Burgers while drinking her favorite drink: lemonade. (Follow her on IG at @_bbaagg or on Twitter at @bbaagg_)

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