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May 11 2017
by Bre'Anna Grant

This High School Student Recreated Her Prom Pictures for Her Dad

By Bre'Anna Grant - May 11 2017
Prom season is in full effect, and let's face it: the class of 2017 is surely stepping out. With fancy cars, $1,000 suits and even flying to prom, they are surely showing off. 

Yet Lourdes Medrano, a senior at Alvarez High School in Salinas, California, touched the hearts of thousands by tweeting a picture of her and her father. He was unable to see her off on the actual day of prom because he was working, so she got ready again and took pictures with her dad so he wouldn't be upset.

"My dad works 24/7, and I owe him a lot. I wanted to make sure we got a picture together," Medrano told Fresh U via Twitter DMs. She pulled this off, and it was a complete surprise to her dad. 

People on Twitter found it very adorable. 

"My dad was happy himself, although his face may not really show it," Medrano added.

Her heart-warming tweet has received over 55,000 retweets and 392,000 likes. Medrano didn't expect the attention she has received since tweeting the photo.

"I would have never thought it would go viral," she said. "I simply posted it as any other picture I would."

Looks like she's taking home the "Daughter of the Year" crown this prom season.

Lead Image Credit: @mermaidlulu_ via Twitter

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Bre'Anna Grant - St. John's University

Bre'Anna is currently a sophomore at St. John's University. She is studying Journalism with an Italian minor with the intentions of becoming a reporter for CNN. In her free time, she loves to volunteer, read, write poetry and watch Bob's Burgers while drinking her favorite drink: lemonade. (Follow her on IG at @_bbaagg or on Twitter at @bbaagg_)

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