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Jun 04 2017
by Bre'Anna Grant

This Father Wore A Tie His Son Made in First Grade to His High School Graduation

By Bre'Anna Grant - Jun 04 2017
Graduation is a time for self-reflection, spending time with your class and racking up those graduation gifts. This high school senior made his dad a tie in the first grade and his dad wore it to his high school graduation.

"My dad and I have that relationship where it may not look like we seem like we're close, but really we're pretty much the same people," Robert Olivo told Fresh U via Twitter DMs. "We're always cracking jokes and laughing about something even if it's dumb."

Olivo's dad told him he was going to wear the tie, but Olivo wasn't expecting his dad to go through with it.

Since posting it, he has received a lot of recognition. His tweet currently has over 82,000 retweets and 295,000 likes.

Needless to say, there were a lot of people who dropped a few tears.

"I didn't expect my tweet to go viral. But when I had gotten the first couple of retweets, I had a thought it might go viral," Olivo said. 

Olivo will be attending the University of Texas, Austin in the fall majoring in pre-pharmacy.

Lead Image Credit: @themindofd via Twitter

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Bre'Anna Grant - St. John's University

Bre'Anna is currently a sophomore at St. John's University. She is studying Journalism with an Italian minor with the intentions of becoming a reporter for CNN. In her free time, she loves to volunteer, read, write poetry and watch Bob's Burgers while drinking her favorite drink: lemonade. (Follow her on IG at @_bbaagg or on Twitter at @bbaagg_)

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