Dear Senator Feinstein and Senator Harris,

Considering the immense amount of work and resistance you each have dedicated to the Senate since President Donald J. Trump took office in January, I’ve come to the conclusion that a "thank you" from your college-level aged constituents is long overdue.

Since the new administration began work earlier this year, the country has seen many challenges to the sanctity of our democracy. We’ve seen President Trump attempt to prevent an entire religion from entering the country. We’ve continually seen the White House condemn the free press down to the level of “fake” or “fraudulent” news. We’ve seen the president fabricate numbers to make himself seem more popular. We’ve seen him withdraw from a monumental, international agreement to take action against global climate change. We’ve seen Trump do many things and we’ve had our morals, patience and dignity challenged. But with two wonderful leaders such as you at the forefront of the resistance, not all hope has been lost.

A moment this year that has made me immensely proud to be a Californian was waking up the morning after Trump’s inauguration and seeing Senator Harris deliver an uplifting speech at the Women’s March on Washington D.C. Knowing that my senators are fighting vivaciously to protect the rights and liberties of the nation instills a sentiment of optimism for the future of our government.

I’m particularly grateful for both of you for holding a high level of scrutiny for Trump’s cabinet picks. I know with the Senate Democrats in a minority, it appears that dissent is to no avail. But the rigorous course of questioning and the transparency provided during the nomination process, especially with Rex Tillerson and Betsy DeVos, has showed California that you will not give up the fight.

Finally, I am thankful for your fighting for the interest of college students. I am thankful for you standing with immigrants and keeping families together. I am thankful for your dedication to maintaining affordable and accessible healthcare. I am thankful for your interests in providing secondary education to those who wish to continue their education. For your passions and will, your courage and your patriotic dissent, you both have made me proud to hail from California.

With the deepest sentiment of reverence and admiration,

A Californian college student

Lead Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons