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Jul 07 2015
by Biyonka Liang

Why I Decided to Quit My Summer Job

By Biyonka Liang - Jul 07 2015

I loved my job. I loved the way the store always smelled like oranges. I loved how friendly all the employees were. I loved talking to customers about their day when I was running the cash register.

I did not quit my job at Jamba Juice because I hated working there. My situation was much more complicated.

Having a job was causing tension with the people I loved. My dad was upset because I had to work on his birthday since I couldn’t find another employee to cover my shift. I had to ask friends to postpone planning hangouts until I got my work schedule again and again. When it finally hit me that this summer is the last time I will be consistently and physically present in my parents’ and friends’ lives, I realized that I wanted to spend as much time as I could with them. I wanted to take complete control of my schedule.

I also began reflecting on my own goals. I want to be a businesswoman someday. Before I got my job, I talked to my parents about taking accounting and finance classes at a local community college or applying for a summer internship. When I started working, I threw those options out. Comparing what I wanted to do versus what I was doing, I felt that I was neglecting my aspirations. I felt lost and I wanted to get myself back on track.

There came a point when I started slacking at work. With the thought of what I wanted to be doing in the back of my head, I just wasn’t into it anymore. As I was, staying with Jamba Juice would have been unfair to the other employees and my manager. So I quit. I began shadowing employees at a local business and I started spending more time with my parents and friends. I wanted to make sure my quitting was not in vain.

Even though it wasn’t easy, I was able to do what was best for me and for the store. For that, I am proud.

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Biyonka Liang - University of California, Berkeley

Biyonka Liang is freshman at the University of California, Berkeley. In high school, she was a news writer, an opinion writer and the Business Manager of her school paper. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano, playing video games and making desserts. Follow her on Instagram @biyonkaliang!

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