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Aug 28 2016
by Bianca D'Agostino

Who's Who in Trump's Family That You Need to Know

By Bianca D'Agostino - Aug 28 2016

Everyone knows the Clintons — but do you know who's who in the Trump family tree? Here's who to know and what they have done besides "The Don" himself. 

Melania Trump 

Age:  46

Career:  Former Model

Personal:  First, I think almost everyone had heard about Melania Trump after the controversy of her RNC speech, but there's a lot more to her than what the media portrays. Fashion is where Melania's expertise lies, as she says she follows in her mother's footsteps. Not only is she fluent in several languages and the wife of one of the most well known and potentially most controversial men in the world right now, she is a mother of 10 year old son, Barron. 

Donald Trump Jr. 

Age:  38

Career:  Real Estate Developer and Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization

Personal:  Donald Jr. went to UPenn like his father, and actually had a bad rep as a real "party animal," but has obviously grown up a lot since then and is now one of the VPs of the Trump company. He's married to Vanessa Haydon and has 5 children.  

Ivanka Trump

Age:  34

Career:  Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, Author, Businesswoman, Model

Personal:  Ivanka attended Georgetown, but like a lot of other college students, she transferred schools and went to UPenn. She married Jared Kushner and has 3 children. 

Eric Trump

Age:  32

Career:  Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, Owner of the Trump Winery, Founder of the Eric Trump Foundation 

Personal:  Eric studied at Georgetown University and graduated with a degree in Finance & Management. He married Lara Yunasaka in 2013. 

Tiffany Trump

Age:  22

Career:  Fashion Model, Social Media Icon, Singer

Personal:  Tiffany is also an attendee of UPenn. She is well known for her social media presence (specifically Instagram) and her elite crew compiled of other famous family's kids. 

Baron Trump 

Age:  10

Career:  Being a child. He's 10. 

Personal:  I'm assuming he enjoys life as a Trump kid. 

Knowing the people who are potentially occupying the White House for the next 4-8 years is important — they become icons in our nation's history. Even though Trump may be the top-guy in the White House, his children and the new First Lady will have a lot of influence on the country's newest political agenda. 

Lead Image Credit: Marc Nozell via Flickr Creative Commons 

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Bianca D'Agostino - University of Connecticut

Bianca is a freshman at the University of Connecticut majoring in business and minoring in communications and international business. She political articles and loves to be involved on her campus. Bianca loves to read, run, knit and craft. You can follow her on Instagram @biancadag!

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