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Aug 03 2015
by Bianca D'Agostino

The 5 Apps You Need Before, During and After College

By Bianca D'Agostino - Aug 03 2015

I'm one of those people who loves to be organized and feel prepared. To do so, I typically like searching around for apps to help me so I'm not on my own. If you are in the same boat as me or just want some help on getting prepped, here are some of the best apps that I feel are great to have before, during and even after college!

1. LinkedIn


This professional social media app and website is something every student and post-grad should use. It's basically a virtual résumé in which you can add your work experience, awards, community service experience, education and pretty much all of your accomplishments. You add a profile picture and a description of yourself — essentially a personal advertisement of yourself to potential future employers and companies. You can connect with people you know and follow companies that you have an interest in. Having a LinkedIn is a great way to up your professional game and it's very simple to use. In addition, utilizing the app is a great way to view all its contents quick and easily.

2. Duolingo

App Store
App Store
App Store

Ever wanted to learn another language? This app and website is a really easy way to get started! Duolingo is an excellent way to either start from the basics or enhance what you already know. I personally use this app to brush up on my Spanish that I learned in high school and doing it daily has been really fun and easy! Having not really buckled down on my Spanish skills since high school, this app has helped me refresh my skills. I also wanted to learn Italian so I started working from the ground up and have been learning basic skills in hopes of becoming a much better and knowledgeable Italian speaker. The different types of practices include written, vocabulary, matching, listening and speaking. This fun yet educational app is truly one to have under your belt.

3. Quizlet

App Store

I have used this app and website all throughout middle school and high school, and I plan to continue using it throughout college. Quizlet is a fret-free way of creating flashcards for all your classes quickly online. Through the app, you can create study sets and study them in a variety of ways. First, you can study them as you would with normal flashcards by flipping them back and forth. You can also learn them through their "Learn" or "Speller" tabs, where you can type in your flashcards definition or learn to type specific words correctly (that is geared more toward people learning a language who need to spell words correctly). After you have learned your flashcards through the app and/or website, you can practice them through games such as their matching game known as "Scatter" or their fast paced memory game known as "Race." And finally, once you feel you have mastered your flashcards (or you feel you have mastered your flashcards previously and just want to skip straight to this part), Quizlet will generate practice tests that are customizable by you so they can have matching, true or false, multiple choice or written questions. Having Quizlet in your pocket is great whether you are cramming for an exam or really focusing on acing that big test.

4. AgendaBook

App Store
App Store
App Store

This app is specifically geared toward students who want to keep track of their tasks and stay on top of what needs to be done for each class. AgendaBook is a sleek and easy to use app that I have personally used in the past and plan to continue to use in the future. When you open up the app, you can see how many "Todos" and how many "Notes" (better for reminders or taking note of a professor's office hours) you have. You manually type in the classes you are taking that semester, and through there you can either add "Tasks" which you can also check off once completed, or you can add "Notes" which you can remove once you are finished with them. This simple app keeps all of your assignments and notes in one place in a very organized manner that I highly recommend to all looking for some organization in their hectic lives.

5. Khan Academy

App Store
App Store
App Store

Last, but not least is an app and website that is definitely one to take note of. Khan Academy was created by Salman Khan who had the dream of creating "a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere." Through Khan Academy you can study and learn any subject ranging anywhere from Economics and Finance to the Arts and Humanities, all through a variety of videos, interactive problems and articles you can do and learn from yourself. Whether you need a better understanding of a certain math concept or just want to learn about the history of America, you can easily do so with the help of Khan Academy's unique learning environment that is absolutely free.

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Bianca D'Agostino - University of Connecticut

Bianca is a freshman at the University of Connecticut majoring in business and minoring in communications and international business. She political articles and loves to be involved on her campus. Bianca loves to read, run, knit and craft. You can follow her on Instagram @biancadag!

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