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Jun 08 2016
by Bianca D'Agostino

Clinton Clinches the Presidential Nomination

By Bianca D'Agostino - Jun 08 2016

Last night's primaries was one for our future history hooks.

In case you haven't heard by now, Hillary Clinton has officially received enough delegates to be the Democratic Party's Presidential Nominee.

Whether you support her views or not, this still is considered a very significant event in our history as Clinton is the first ever female Presidential nominee of any major political party – finally reaching the "highest, hardest glass ceiling" that is the office of the President.

Clinton celebrated her win, changing her Twitter icon to the following image, along with a tweet about inspiring young women:

via @HillaryClinton
via @HillaryClinton

To Clinton supporters, this was a monumental night--but what does this mean for Bernie Sanders?

Gage Skidmore via Flikr

Bernie keeps on burning--he said in his speech last night that he is not backing down just yet.

Sanders is stating that he will march to the Democrat's Convention in Philadelphia and make it a contested convention in an attempt to still become the Presidential nominee.

A big question that many are asking is this – if Sanders does not overcome the odds and Clinton is the nominee, what happens to all the Bernie Sanders supporters? Will Clinton snatch them up and unite her political party? Or even more radical, would they go to Donald Trump?

In recent news, Trump has stated that he supports Bernie's trade deals. He also has that very "anti-establishment vibe" that some Sanders supporters may be attracted to as well, so he may be a potential alternative to Hillary. And in a speech on Wednesday, Trump said he would welcome Sanders supporters with "open arms." 

As always, this election is really unpredictable – there is no way to predict what happens as there is unprecedented voter turnout, radical new policies, along with history being made at every corner.

Lead Image Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr 

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Bianca D'Agostino - University of Connecticut

Bianca is a freshman at the University of Connecticut majoring in business and minoring in communications and international business. She political articles and loves to be involved on her campus. Bianca loves to read, run, knit and craft. You can follow her on Instagram @biancadag!

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