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Jul 07 2015
by Bianca D'Agostino

4 TV Shows to Avoid in College

By Bianca D'Agostino - Jul 07 2015

I can fully admit that I am a Netflix addict — like most of you, I have watched pretty much all there is to watch. It’s also a pretty well-known fact that despite all the studying, club-joining, tailgating and other social events that happen at college, we’re going to be watching a boat load of Netflix. So to save you all the time here’s all the shows to avoid binge-watching in college (because they’re just that good and will consume your life and free time).

1. “The Office”

Reveille Productions, NBC Universal Television and 3 Arts Entertainment

“The Office” is that one show that almost everyone has either watched the whole thing through and through or has watched the first three episodes and stopped watching altogether. I can say that the first few episodes of the office are not the best — but the second half of Season 1 and the start of Season 2 is when the show really becomes pure comedy gold. Michael Scott, played by the comedy icon Steve Carell, is a bumbling office manager without a filter or an ounce of common sense. The show also tells the stories of pretty much all the other office employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, including the possible romantic relationship of Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, along with comedic followings of the strange Dwight Schrute. You can get really attached to this show and all the characters it has introduced and is easily a major time consumer (in the best way possible).

2. “Friends”

Warner Bros. Television and Bright/Crane/Kauffman Productions

This is a classic “oldie-but-goodie.” The show aired in the fall of 1994 and ended in May 2004. It has about 10 seasons of the comedic telling of six young New Yorkers and their daily lives and — as the title obviously tells — they’re all friends. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross live lives of love, lust and just comedic mishaps. The characters and their friendships seem so real that they come off as very relatable, making you emotionally invested in every twist and turn (for better or for worse) that their lives take. The show can instantly hook you from the very start and despite some older references you may not get every once in a while (considering the fact that most of us were not even born yet when the show first aired) “Friends” is another outlet to laugh your way out of your problems.

3. “Sherlock”

Hartswood Films, BBC Wales and Masterpiece Theatre

Airing on the BBC, this British mystery show will have you constantly deducing and thinking your way through each episode. The show is a spin-off on the original series written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 1800s and early 1900s, as it follows the young Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as they solve crimes in modern day London. The deducing duo connect intrigue with a bit of hilarity as the show takes clever plot twists and drastic turns of events. You may think this would be the perfect show to watch in college because there are only three episodes per season. But if you look closer, each thrilling episode is 180 minutes each. Also, the show can be painful at times because when it goes off to continue filming, it goes off for a long time. After Season 2 premiered, viewers had to wait two years for the show to air again; the same thing happened with Season 3 and 4 as well. The show takes a lot of time, but this modern twist on an old classic is an excellent program for anyone.

4. “Gossip Girl”

17th Street Productions, Alloy Entertainment and CBS Paramount Network Television

You know you will “XOXO” this show. “Gossip Girl” is a six-season drama about a group of wealthy, young adults living in Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. As these young New Yorkers live their life of excessive luxury filled with extravagant parties and lavish clothing, they are pressured with the fact that a mysterious blogger (a.k.a. “Gossip Girl”) is out to get them. This blogger is manipulative and willing to dish any secret that these people have to seek their revenge and cause total obliteration of their image and futures. This show is one of the more addicting ones on Netflix, leaving viewers wanting to spend money in attempt to dress in their Upper East Side style and taking away time to finally figure out the biggest question on the show: who is Gossip Girl?

All these shows are excellent — with intricate plots and great casts, how can you not watch them all? So to save yourself from falling into yet another Netflix binge-watching session, avoid these shows at all costs.

Lead Image Credit: Hartswood Films, BBC Wales and Masterpiece Theatre

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Bianca D'Agostino - University of Connecticut

Bianca is a freshman at the University of Connecticut majoring in business and minoring in communications and international business. She political articles and loves to be involved on her campus. Bianca loves to read, run, knit and craft. You can follow her on Instagram @biancadag!

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