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Oct 25 2017
by Benjamin Katz

6 Steps to Drinking Safely When Going Out

By Benjamin Katz - Oct 25 2017

After a long and stressful week of college life, everyone wants to have fun. Unfortunately, people get carried away, and Saturday nights can quickly become pretty ugly. No one ever goes into their night with the mindset of ending the night on a stretcher or by the toilet. However, without the proper guidance, it is very easy to end up that way. These steps will enable you, along with your friends to have a weekend that is vomit free!

Editor's Note: While Fresh U does not condone or encourage underage drinking, it's important for freshmen to be safe if they do decide to drink. If anyone exhibits signs of alcohol poisoning, contact campus police or medical personnel immediately. 

1. Eat a full meal before!

It is imperative that you are hydrated and have a full stomach before drinking. The effects of alcohol can be dramatically increased when you’re working on an empty stomach. The consequences can be pretty dramatic as well. Unless your desire is to land yourself a seat in front of the toilet, make sure your stomach is full and your body is hydrated that night. 

2. Limit yourself.

Part of drinking safely is deciding beforehand how many drinks you should have. This way, you are thinking with the right mindset, and not just seeing how you feel.

3. Liquor before beer you’re in the clear…

Beer before liquor never been sicker. Follow this old saying like you’re a fifth grader walking through the hallway with your class. You can drink much less than you are used to, and you will end up with your head in the toilet.

4. Understand that your tolerance may differ from others.

Don’t follow your friend's lead. Your tolerance very well could be less than that of your friends. Don’t be peer pressured. As cliché as it sounds, it’s the truth. There are many characteristics that can affect your tolerance. Understand that before you start drinking.

5. Space your drinks out.

It is best to always give it time before you drink more. This way you let the effects settle in, and your liver can start metabolizing your previous drink. You’ll feel a lot better in the morning too.

6. Be safe.

Don’t ever travel around at night alone. Always stay with your friends, and make sure you have a safe way to get home before you enter the night. There is nothing fun about ending up alone on the streets, drunk and unconscious.

Always stay safe, and never take a drink from a stranger! We all want to have fun, but there are ways to ensure that you, and all your friends, have a good time. Be smart out there, freshmen, college is an amazing place, treat it, and yourself, well. 

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Benjamin Katz - Muhlenberg College

Current freshman at Muhlenberg College.

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