November 8, 2016. Hillary Clinton is expected to win the United States presidential general election. Yet, surprisingly, she doesn’t. In a stunning turn of events, Donald Trump the Republican candidate wins the election to become the 45th president. Ever since his inauguration, from the liberal point of view, his presidency has been a disaster — plagued by scandals and poor political moves. They, along with many political analysts, have predicted democratic victories all across the country. However, just like November, in a shocking turn of events, they are not.

In Georgia, Democrat Jon Ossoff led a surprising challenge in the Red since Reagan's 6th District of Georgia’s special election. Ossoff led in the primary, getting 48 percent of the vote and at points, leading the runoff against Republican candidate Karen Handel. However, he was defeated and his loss led to a stunning blow to the dismay of Democrats everywhere. Another loss to the Democrats occurred in a Montana special election where Greg Gianforte crushed Democratic challenger Rob Quist days after assaulting a reporter. Quist was expected to win at specific points and yet was still beaten.

Why is this happening? Well, there are a few ideas, possibly that what enrages Democrats and their doomsday preaching simply does not equate in understanding to the rest of the country. Remember, half the country voted for Trump. Telling them they made a mistake and preaching a doom they don’t see will not win them over. These people voted for Trump for change. You must show them change to have them vote for you. If you don’t practice what you preach then you cannot win — that is where the Democrats have gone wrong.

In our political world, people are becoming more and more involved and are voicing their opinions, especially college students. Being young, often it seems many of these college students are liberal and preach the same rhetoric as the Democratic party. Along with the party, the students must communicate and work together with fellow Americans. Even if you are a Conservative, Democrats represent half the country. Work with them — you can’t “Make America Great Again” without them.

Politics in America are incredibly unstable these days. No one can tell what will happen with an election anymore. Polls and analysts seem to be more incorrect than correct. The Republicans seem to be on a war path. They seem to be in total control, yet no one can tell what comes next.

Lead Image Credit: Andrew Vickers via Unsplash