Have you been looking for a cheap and easy way to support your political party? Cute laptop or water bottle stickers are the best way to do so. If you’re a Democrat, here are the best stickers to rep the Kicking Donkeys.

1. The Truth Sticker


Get in from CafePress for just $4.95!

2. Classic Donkey


Buy a sticker with the classic Donkey symbol that has been around for over a hundred years. Get it at Amazon for just $4.99

3. Classic Democratic Party Symbol


Cafe Press has a wide selection of laptop skins (and other stickers!) that you can show to the world while you work to save the world, or write up that report you’ve been putting off. Nevertheless, you can fly your colors proudly.

4. Obama in a Flower Crown 


Let's be honest, who doesn't want a picture of Obama with a flower crown on their laptop? Plus, by buying this you are supporting a small business! A win/win!

5. I Stand with Planned Parenthood 


Although this doesn’t have a Democratic symbol or sticker, it allows you to take a stance on a traditionally Democratic view. This handy sticker allows you to align with a view without choosing a party! That works for everyone.

6. I Voted

Ink Stock Labels

A great choice for the ultra-cheap, because they come in bulk! These stickers not only show your Democratic pride but show you're politically active! They are a 2-in-1 steal.

7. Obamacare


 This multipurpose sticker is great for spreading the word about the Affordable Care Act and supporting Democrats!

8. Proud American


This great sticker shows that you support both your country and your political party. It is the best of both worlds. 

Stickers are a great and easy way to show the world what you believe in. And, these are just a few of the countless options out there. Start searching and customize your own fun laptop, today!

Lead Image Credit: Dan Gold via Unsplash