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Jul 10 2017
by Ben Norrito

5 Reasons Why College Students Should Write About Politics

By Ben Norrito - Jul 10 2017

Here at Fresh U, we like to write. Which makes sense, because it is the purpose of our organization. However, getting the chance to write about politics is uniquely rewarding for college students. So, here are five of the possible reasons why our writers decided to write for the Politics section, and why you should too. 

1. Experience

Writing in general is a great skill to have for many jobs and future careers. But, writing about politics in particular allows you to hone your skills on topics that employers are always going to see as important. By writing about politics, you gain the experience necessary to make yourself a more desirable job candidate, and person as a whole.

2. Real World Understanding

Writing about politics forces you to more deeply analyze news and current events. When writing, you are constantly having to fact-check your sources and come up with new perspectives on the event. This is something that undoubtedly leads to a better understanding of the world around you, and how to successfully interpret information within it.

3. Knowledge

Writing about politics keeps you up to date on what is happening in the world. This can be useful for anything from dinner party conversation with your boyfriend's parents, to gaining your professor's approval in your giant, gen-ed history course. In all facets of your life, it is impressive to have an awareness of current events, and an ability to debate about them. 

4. Share Your Ideas

As a writer on the internet, your articles are viewed by a lot of people and have the possibility to go viral. This means that you have the opportunity to share your opinion with the entire world wide web, allowing you to express yourself and your values. It's often easier to eloquently write out your perspective, rather than stumbling on words in conversation. By writing political opinion pieces, you are able to have a clearly defined idea of what you believe and what you are trying to say to the world.

5. Make a Difference

To touch off of the last point, because you are communicating with so many people, politics writers have a really unique ability to inform and even possibly influence the actions or beliefs of other college students. This means that expressing your passion, and getting good future work experience, can culminate in making really change in others lives. 

If you have any interest in writing about politics this summer or during the school year, you can apply for the Fresh U politics team here.

Lead Image Credit: Philip Strong via Unsplash

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