Earlier this week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration would be ending an Obama-era law called “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” or DACA, which enabled children of illegal immigrants to be protected from being deported and allowed them to stay in the U.S. and get an education. The news was a shock to the country, especially the young children (called Dreamers) who benefit from the program.

Over 800,000 young children and adults are impacted by this decision. Their livelihoods and futures in this country are now at risk. They may be forced out of a country that has become their home to a land which they don’t remember. In light of this terrible news, here’s 4 things that a Dreamer could do to hope to stay in the U.S. or non-Dreamers could do to help:

1. Text RESIST

All it takes is a simple text. If you text “RESIST” to #5049, you can easily contact your local representative. A robot is set up to connect you with your local representative, allowing you direct access to Congress. This is so important because those in Congress are now the ones who have the biggest power to determine the fate of these Dreamers.  

2. Get Involved

Protest, protest, protest. I can’t say it enough. It’s the most useful tool you have as an American, one which is written into our constitution. As they say, “Actions speak louder than words.” It is definitely still helpful to express your discontent on social media, but going out and finding protests are the best way to help show Congress and Trump that this action is not one that will be taken lightly. 

3. Use the Six Months

One of the important things that was often glossed over is the 6 month grace period given to Dreamers. Instead of simply ending tomorrow, the program is being phased out. If you are a Dreamer, the fight is not over. You can visit websites like UnitedWeDream.org, which have a ton of resources that can help you out. They even have a Deportation Rights Card that helps you know what to do if you are detained.

4. Reach Out

If you want to help Dreamers, reach out. Many of them may not be aware of all the options, or may feel disenchanted with this country that is there home. Be an effective ally, by supporting them and directing them to the resources that can help them in their fight to stay here. We as Americans need to unite.

This decision shocked the world, leaving almost a million people to face an uncertain future in the land of the free. Others are left to face the bigotry and hate, showing the world how we care about all Americans.

Lead Image Credit:  Nitish Meena via Unsplash