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Aug 23 2017
by Beatrice Li

5 Feelings You Have As You Move into Your Not-So-Roomy Dorm Room

By Beatrice Li - Aug 23 2017

ALAS, you have left your parents' nest. After months of anticipating your new space, searching Pinterest for creative ways to decorate your room and endless Target trips for their room essentials products, you've finally arrived. But is everything as you imagined? Below are many feelings you will encounter as you move your life into this tiny space. 

1. "Do they really call this box a 'room'?"

You fantasize about your new room all summer... until you first move in and see an empty, box-like space and wonder just HOW all your things are going to fit. Fear not, your belongings WILL fit, with all the right strategies! Once your room is nicely decorated, this little box will soon enough become your second home. 

2. "I don't know if I will enjoy showers anymore."

Give and take: you have traded in the independence from your parents in exchange for now sharing a bathroom with many others. Say goodbye to the spacious, lavender-scented bathroom of your home and say hello to shower caddies, shower shoes and making sure your towel doesn't slip down as you walk down the hall. On the bright side, you don't have to clean the bathroom? 

3. "Can't wait to meet my roommate and everyone else living here!"

Living on campus, you now get to enjoy this booming social scene that is a college residence hall. These people are going to be right by you through all those late nights: both voluntary ones with Netflix and involuntary ones with midterms and finals. 

4. "Wait... my privacy." 

As great as it is that so many close friends will be living near you, you will want your alone time and privacy. You may want to be alone at a certain point, but it is not all up to you anymore. Just as mentioned, give and take. Be sure to work out certain ground rules with your roommate, from  sleep schedules to when you can invite people over. 

5. "I don't want to clean my room, but if I don't, I have no more room to breathe or live." 

Surely as the semester goes on, your room will no longer look like your "just moved in!" picture on Facebook. Yes, you now have the freedom to have a messy room without your parents nagging you. But unlike your room at home, you don't have the luxury of space anymore. You're only hurting yourself when you don't tidy up in your little box! 

Despite some inconveniences that come with your first year of living on campus, it truly is a beautiful and amazing experience that you won't want to trade in for the world. Say hello to fun, freedom, and #dormlife!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Beatrice Li - Loyola Marymount University

Beatrice is a Sophomore at Loyola Marymount University majoring in Sociology, minoring in Studio Arts and Asian Pacific American Studies. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, painting, hiking, and exploring. She is a coffee addict and food enthusiast. Follow her at @beat_riice for non-writing content!

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