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Jan 20 2017
by Ashley Flaws

5 Times You Felt Like a Sim at College

By Ashley Flaws - Jan 20 2017

For anyone who has ever played Sims, it’s actually quite surprising how relatable and realistic certain aspects of the game are. Even if you’ve never played any of the games before, you’ve probably at least been curious about it since it is such a popular gaming franchise. I personally have been playing the games for years, but now that I’m a college student, Sims and I have more or less grown apart, except for the countless hours I have spent reacquainting myself with the game over winter break. Now that I’ve refreshed my love of the game, I can’t help but notice that my Sims experience a lot of similar things that I have experienced so far at college. Sims may just be a game, but it certainly manages to apply to many areas of my college life. In fact, I have felt almost like a Sim in a number of instances, and I’m sure plenty of you out there can relate…

1. When you’re meeting new people and running out of new things to talk about.

Small talk is hard, and there’s only so much about your day or so much about the weather that can be discussed before the conversation becomes hopelessly dry. Some people are more social than others, but talking to mere acquaintances instead of our friends or people we know well is hard for anyone. For that reason, it’s easy to feel like a poor Sim who, for obvious reasons, is limited in topics they can discuss. When a Sim tries to talk to another Sim, they always have the same exact social interactions, making most conversations quite repetitive. Even though we are not limited to certain topics because we are living in real life and not a game, obviously, that doesn’t mean it is very easy for us to think of exciting things to talk about. Just remember, when your conversation starts to fall flat and you have nothing more to add, Sims still manage to make plenty of friends. I’m sure you can, too.

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2. When our energy, social and fun needs are never in sync.

College is a busy time for almost every student, and we have a lot of different things on our plates: classes, homework, staying healthy, maintaining a social life, finding times for the things we enjoy and somehow getting enough sleep to get us through the next day. Much like a Sim, our needs never seem to be balanced. If we get plenty of sleep and feel well-rested the next day, that probably means our social lives were put on hold for the night. If we have a ton of homework, we probably won’t have much time for friends, fun or getting enough sleep. It’s hard to keep up with everything that goes on in our lives, so it’s definitely easy to relate to those Sims who always seem to be lacking in the sleep, social or fun departments. Next time you’re worried about keeping it all together, try getting with your friends and studying together. You’ll be with people you enjoy, and it will make your homework a lot more tolerable. Plus, you will likely get done faster and be able to pull off a decent night of sleep to top it all off.

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3. When we react to stressful situations by virtually doing nothing.

One of the most annoying traits about Sims is their complete and utter stupidity and lack of action when it comes to dealing with stressful situations. Granted, Sims are dealing with fires and burglars while we just have an overload of homework, but either way, we all know what it feels like to be aware of a huge problem or stressful situation yet all we can do is stand there, scream and yes, sometimes wave our arms around. We may think it’s pretty unrealistic when Sims stand there screaming at a fire or a burglar who has broken in instead of running or automatically calling the police, but we are often incapable of managing our own stressful situations that aren’t even life or death. Perhaps Sims are on to something; don’t run from our problems, stand and face them head on. Screaming may be involved, but sometimes letting it all out is the best way to solve any problem.

4. When we seem to always be eating the same foods or meals.

A college diet is nothing if not repetitive. Cafeterias offer plenty of options, but there’s only so much they can do, especially if you are a somewhat picky eater like me. Most of us don’t have kitchens of our own in our dorms, so we are stuck with microwavable meals like Easy Mac or Ramen Noodles, or we can venture out to the cafeteria and likely eat something similar to what we had the night before. College food has never been an issue for me, since I have no problem finding food that I like and eating it over and over for every meal, but I definitely start to feel for those poor Sims who, unless they manage to get to a high cooking skill, are stuck with mac and cheese, salad or grilled cheese for every meal. Nobody said being a Sim is luxurious, and likewise, the life of a college student is less than glamorous.

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5. When we realize how hard it is to get on the workout grind.

Sure, Sims over exaggerate a little bit and make running on a treadmill look like something only professional athletes can do without falling on their face and humiliating themselves, but we kind of know how they feel when we struggle with finding a proper workout routine for ourselves and keeping ourselves motivated. While we may not literally fall off of a treadmill, figuratively, we have probably fallen off of the treadmill many times, whether it’s because we are simply too lazy to work out, we don’t have enough time or we just don’t know what to do. It’s hard to be motivated enough to work out several times a week when we already have so much to worry about, but staying fit is definitely a great way to feel better in other areas of our lives and to keep healthy so we can keep up with all of our schoolwork. We might have to take a face full of treadmill first (figuratively, of course), but just like most Sims, we will work it out.

Next time you are struggling to talk to someone new or are eating your fifth chicken sandwich of the week (tenth in my case), just remember that although Sims are only characters from a game, they manage to have a pretty great life despite their limitations. We, on the other hand, are college students who can, for the most part, do what we please, so it should be a lot easier to keep ourselves happy. Make your happiness a priority, and make it happen because unlike Sims, we are in charge of our own lives.   

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