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Aug 06 2015
by Areeba Shah

10 Reasons Why High School Was Actually the Best

By Areeba Shah - Aug 06 2015

Remember those days when you just wanted to fast-forward to graduation and not have a thing to worry about? You wished you just got into the university of your choice and had your high school diploma already. Well, those days are now gone and what they have left you with are a million memories, irreplaceable friends, thoughtful lessons and, well, a diploma, hopefully. The choices you've made throughout your four years have morphed you into the person you are today and the lessons you've learned are going to last you a lifetime. You have gained more than you have lost and if you think otherwise, well then, here are 10 reasons that'll convince you why high school is the best thing that has happened to you yet.

1. You've grown a thicker skin.

The past four years have definitely taught you how to toughen up. We've all heard crazy rumors about ourselves and let's not forget about the awful, unavoidable drama we've all experienced. In these years, you've learned to not care about what others think of you.

2. You've met some of the most amazing people.

High school can be quite hard to handle at times and the ones who have stuck with you through thick and thin are definitely worth having around for the rest of your life.

3. You've also made some unforgettable memories.

Let's not forget the excitement of winning a game or having cozy sleepovers with your besties. These times are the ones you can look back on and smile at effortlessly. You'll never forget how happy they make you.

4. You've learned things you'll remember forever.

The several times you were late to class taught you the importance of punctuality. The countless all-nighters you pulled made you a more skilled writer. Oh and don't forget the many times your teachers shared their heartfelt stories, you learned something new and were affected in some way.

5. You learned how to not give up.

At times, you felt so hopeless, lost and confused. It could have been the time you completely bombed a test or didn't make the basketball team. Nonetheless, you were super close to giving up, but you learned to pull it together. You knew that the strongest people don't give up and if you had to get through high school, you had to be strong.

6. You faced your fears.

Whether it involved standing up to a bully or giving a speech in class, you grew as a person by facing your fears. You decided to not let fear get the best of you and became more confident in yourself.

7. You are more open-minded.

Now high school wasn't all fun and games. You also received a fairly good education. Language arts and history definitely opened up your mind to a lot of new things. You now look at life with a broader perspective and a majority of your thoughts and opinions are also influenced by the knowledge you have gained.

8. You have become more tolerant.

On several occasions you've wanted to shout at the top of your lungs or absolutely knock the life out of someone but you learned how to control yourself. You probably even had a really annoying teacher who gave you copious amount of work and always managed to get on your nerves, but you learned to put up with that as well.

9. You know what you want.

The long essays you have written, math equations you have solved and significant events in history you have memorized, all made you realize what it is you want pursue. You would rather not waste anymore time on any of the subjects you hate and rather spend that time becoming what you like.

10. You know you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Let's be real, getting through high school isn't easy. These four years can make or break you. You had your ups and downs, but in the end, you realized you can do it and you did. At the time, you might have thought what a waste high school was, but what you didn't realize was that you were learning and growing more and more every day.

Now that it's all over, you've come to the realization that everything in the past four years has shaped you as a person and has gotten you as far as you are today. Although there were some dreadful moments, you got yourself through them and if you can do that, then really, you can do anything.

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Areeba Shah - University of Toledo

Areeba Shah is a freshman at the University of Toledo majoring in paralegal studies and minoring in journalism. The things she enjoys most include traveling, taking pictures, listening to music and writing. You can follow her on Instagram @areeba97.

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