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Jan 19 2016
by Anoushka Bhat

A Realistic Second Semester Bucket List

By Anoushka Bhat - Jan 19 2016

1. Go to the gym

This is a standard on almost everyone's bucket list or set of resolutions, but this semester I should really make a trip to the gym more frequently, in order to look better and feel better.

2. Attend Spring Rush

I don't know if I'll get a bid to be a part of a sorority house this spring but I am very excited to at least try it out and see where it goes! One of things I regretted not doing last semester was definitely rushing.

3. Take a photo everyday

Attending school in New York City means there are plenty of great things to capture on a daily basis. I definitely want to take more photos of my friends and my surroundings this semester.

4. Break up with procrastination

It's about time.

5. Get to know people better

There are so many interesting people in my university, and I want to take the time to get to know many of them better.

6. Attend a concert in New York City (or your city)

I have to be able to say I went to at least one concert my freshman year.

7. Go to a new city in the U.S.A.

Being an international student, I haven't really explored the U.S.A. much. This semester I hope to visit Boston, Massachusetts or somewhere in California.

8. Enjoy the winter

I live in a desert, which means no winter. Although it's going to be way too cold for me to function, I am going to try and celebrate my first snowy winter!

9. Be more involved on campus

I tend to get shy and a little lazy, but not this semester! I want to get involved in interesting activities or internships available.