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Dec 13 2015
by Anoushka Bhat

The 6 Types of Roommates You Might Encounter In College

By Anoushka Bhat - Dec 13 2015

A roommate can be very hit and miss. You can love them, hate them or eventually just learn to exist with them. Unless you specifically opt for a single room, chances are, your first year in college involves a roommate! Here are a few types of roommates that you may encounter in college:

1. The Messy One

They always leave a mess and pretend not to notice it. They claim it isn't theirs, but you know it's not yours, leaving you frustrated and annoyed. In the end, it's always you trying to clean up after them because you know they won't do it themselves.

2. The Party Animal

This type of roommate can go either way. It means you have someone you can tag along with if you're up for a wild night out, but it also means constantly being disturbed at odd hours of the night when you're trying to sleep, but they are just getting back from a night out on the town!

3. The Cleaning Obsessed One

The opposite of the messy one. This roommate is so neat, it could drive you up the wall. They never have anything out of place, EVER.

4. The One Who Never Leaves

There's always the chance of getting that one roommate who literally never leaves the room. They appear to have no friends and thus end up spending a lot of time in their room. No matter where you go or how long you go for, they're always there, waiting for you when you get back. Maybe this is an opportunity for you, if you have this roommate, to talk to them and see if there's something wrong.

5. The Rude One

This is probably one of the worst type of roommate to encounter. They always make sure that they're exerting some sense of power in a very obnoxious manner. They'll go out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable, and not care about what you want ever. (If this happens to you, I recommend that you consult your RA)

6. The Best Friend

IF you're lucky however, your roommate could end up being your friend for life! The two of you being friends can definitely make the transition into college much easier and smoother. 

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(Editor's note: We updated this article on 12/13 to change #3 from "The OCD One" to "The Cleaning Obsessed One" after it was brought to our attention that this was insensitive to those who suffer from OCD or other mental health issues, which we should have caught before publishing the article. This does not reflect our editorial standards and we will be sure to be more mindful of it in the future, and we apologize for this poor judgement.)

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Anoushka Bhat - New York University

Anoushka Bhat is a sophomore at New York University, majoring in Economics. She is fluent in sarcasm and loves travel, books, music and coffee. She plans to capture her college adventures through articles and photography. Follow her Instagram @anoushkabhat!

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