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Jul 31 2016
by Annie Herr

The 10 IKEA Products You NEED for Your Dorm

By Annie Herr - Jul 31 2016

Not gonna lie – I’ve been planning how I will decorate my dorm room since before I even started applying to schools. Now, with only a month until move in day, I finally get to start collecting all the items on my long dorm shopping list, starting with a trip to IKEA. If you’ve never been to an IKEA before, I encourage you to see if you have one in driving distance of you. IKEA is famous for having amazing deals on all sorts of home goods, from bedding to bookshelves. Here are my top picks for dorm must-haves from IKEA.

1. RÅSKOG Utility Cart 

This cute little cart is all over Pinterest, as it is very easy to hack into something special. Easy to store by rolling under the bed, this piece can be used as a roll-away side table, a pantry or even a bookshelf.

2. GLÖDAND Cushion Cover

If you are into weird or colorful things, these cushion covers may be perfect for you. They feature bright, eye catching colors and odd motifs, and make for great statement pieces to jazz up a dull room!

3. IKEA 365+ Food Containers

If you are anything like me, then you like to keep things pretty and functional when it comes to food. I love these dry food jars because they don't take up much space and can hold anything from cereal to dry pasta. You could even use them to store detergent pods for laundry!

4. DRACAENA Lucky Bamboo

Looking for a relatively low maintenance plant to add some life to your dorm? I've had one of these bamboo plants living in my bathroom since I started high school, and it is still going strong with just water once a week!

5. KOPPLA 3 Port Usb Charger

For whenever you need to charge all of your devices at once, or for multiple friends hang out in your room.

6. KVISSLE Cable Management Box

Keeping your desk looking neat is a chore with all the chargers and cables and extension cords. Try hiding some of that clutter in this simple box.

7. PLASTIS Ice Cube Tray

It just occurred to me the other day that I won't have the luxury of refrigerator made ice when I go to school. These cute little trays come in so many adorable shapes and they're only $0.99!

8. POLARVIDE Throw Blanket

This throw is warm, comes in a variety of colors, and holds up to a lot of wear and tear.

9. TUVBRACKA Striped Bedding

This adorable bedding set comes in a few different colors of stylish stripe, and makes for a cute statement piece to build off.

10. TJENA Box 

These big storage boxes are a great, pretty alternative to the big plastic containers typically seen in dorms. They are easy to stack and can store pretty much anything you might need.

Happy dorm shopping!

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