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Jun 16 2016
by Annie Herr

7 Ways to Help You Rediscover Yourself Before College

By Annie Herr - Jun 16 2016
We all get lost in the midst of things. High school was a busy time for us all; between school, part time jobs, clubs, sports, family obligations and a social life, there wasn’t really much time to focus on who we were outside of those things. But now, before we go out into the real (wish) world, it’s probably time to uncover the person that has been hidden away under all the clutter of the past four years.

1. Work Out 

Maybe you played a sport in high school, maybe you took gym or maybe you bought a gym pass at the beginning of the year as part of a New Years resolution and have gone twice since. No matter your track record in high school, working out is a great way to start your journey into "self-rediscovery." Working out releases endorphins that make you feel happy and relaxed, and also obviously helps you become physically fit. Sign yourself up for a yoga or pilates class, start swimming laps or even take up jogging. Finding yourself should always start with you feeling physically great!

2. Be Smart About Sleep

Summer is usually all about staying up late out with friends, on Netflix or online, but it also is a great time to set good sleep habits. The earlier you go to bed, the earlier you can wake up and start your day and the better you will feel. Having more energy will help you to live your life to the fullest, and will allow you to get more out of your days.

3. Learn How to Eat Right

The diet I had in high school mostly consisted of whatever snack food I could find and fast food quesadillas. It's taken quite the toll on my body and my health. This summer, look into learning how to cook food with fresh, healthy ingredients. Not only will it help you to be better at cooking, it will also help you feed your body well. When you go out to eat, try to pick healthier options. Your body will thank you later.

4. Journal

Summer is the time to make and remember memories, to sit and relax and to take on the plans for your future. Take time to write down your thoughts, feelings and memories you won’t want to forget. Use these to take a good look at your inner self and at the way you think, and let that guide you as you begin college.

5. Slow Down

With grad parties and family vacation and orientation and work and all the other random summer things that pop up, there really isn't time for some peace. Making just a little time a day for napping, meditating, praying or some other form of quiet relaxation will help release the stress built up by so much activity, and help you to keep a clear head.

6. Try New Things

Have you always wanted to dye your hair bubblegum pink? Have you always been afraid of heights, and too scared to ride a rollercoaster? Have you ever wanted to try a weird sport, like Cricket? Two words; do it! From the scary to the intriguing, trying new things is a great way to find out new passions and find what things you hate or love. Try new foods, new clothes, new languages, new adventures. Even if it’s the worst thing you’ve ever done, you’ll be thankful you tried it in the end.

7. Learn to Say No

In high school, I was a yes-girl. I said yes to everything anyone asked me to do, from the easy things like babysitting or proofreading, to the weird and slightly gross like scooping goose poop off the band practice field, even if it was inconvenient to do so. This summer, learn to say no to the things you don’t want to do. You don’t have to say yes to every person who asks you to dog sit for them, to every party invitation or any other favor asked of you. Your time is your own, and while helping people is a must, don’t let yourself get lost in good deeds.

Take time this summer to get to know someone very special, yourself! Before you start the process of meeting new people in college, have a clearly defined idea of who you are. If you know who you are, you'll know who you want to be around, what you want to get involved with, and who you want to be when you finally finish school.

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