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Sep 06 2016
by Annie Herr

7 Must Haves for the First Month of College

By Annie Herr - Sep 06 2016

With school starting pretty much everywhere by this week, I thought I would share some of my wisdom from the first two weeks that I’ve been in college. Ohio University started classes earlier then most, and in just that one week I found what I think are the most needed college essentials for the first month, and really beyond!

1. Pain Meds

My second day of classes I woke up with a headache. Two days later I fell walking down one of the massive hills on campus, and twisted my ankle. While I am a bit of a klutz, and probably and exceptional case, I can guarantee that almost everyone is going to need ibuprofen, or similar pain meds, at least once in the first month of school. Heres a short list of uses for good old Tylenol:

- Headaches (think three hour lab classes, hangovers, noisy neighbors keeping you up, long nights studying)

- Sprains and strains

- Muscle pain

- Toothaches

- Cramps

2. Icy Hot

Upon arriving at OU, my step count on my pedometer DOUBLED. On top of that, I have taken up carrying my twenty five pound backpack and taking the long way to places which involves A LOT of hills. Needless to say, my body is not adjusting well to my new routine, and Icy Hot is my new best friend. It comes in patch form and cream form, and can be used on leg aches and shoulder pains and anything in between!

3. Moleskin

Along the same lines as #2, blisters are a real problem. Breaking in new shoes and even wearing your old ones harder then usual will cause those nasty little buggers to crop up and mess up your feet big time. Do yourself a favor and invest in some moleskin to cover the blisters and keep them cushioned and contained.

4. A Really Good, Big Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is especially important these first few weeks! Not only is it incredibly hot outside, you’re probably upping the amount you’re moving! Get a water bottle that can hold enough for a lecture and for the walk back to your dorm, and make sure to bring it with you!

5. Snacks

This one may seem silly, but I can assure you you will want to throw at least a few granola bars in your bag. Back when you were scheduling your courses, you didn’t really know where everything was, and you may find yourself too far away from a dining hall to snag something on the way to your next class. Also, sharing some can help you make friends!

6. A Calendar App

Even if you have a planner or a full at home calendar, you’re going to want to have a digital copy that has everything on it. My personal favorites are below.


Google Calendar

Calendars by Readdle

7. Something to Carry Your ID In

If your campus is anything like mine, you need your ID for everything from getting into buildings to getting food. I tried keeping it in my wallet but found it too awkward to fumble with, so I got a little plastic ID holder! It works like a charm and I can put my keys on it too!

Have a great (and safe) first month!

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