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Sep 01 2017
by Anne Marie Yurik

6 Food Places in Illinois That You'll Miss at College

By Anne Marie Yurik - Sep 01 2017

I am a huge foodie. I love to try new food and travel, but I always have my favorite places to fall back on – there's no place like home. But soon, it will all be taken away from me when I go to Pittsburgh. A foodie nightmare. Now that I will be leaving soon, here are the best places, for me, that I found in the suburbs of Chicago/Chicagoland area, so maybe you all can capitalize on my big finds.

1. DMK Burgers

I originally saw DMK on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives with one of my best friends, but we ended up waiting three years until actually going there. I guess we were bigger procrastinators than we thought. Even with the three years worth of anticipation on their shoulders, I had my burger and truffle fries and knew that the wait was worth it. They are absolutely amazing. Despite my love of their burgers, I don't go there often because I want them to stay as glorified in my mind as they already are.

2. Spunky Dunkers

If the name was not enough to peak your attention, you don't deserve the delicious donuts they have at Spunkies (that's my nickname for them). This is a family-run donut place that makes the donuts fresh everyday – you can even buy a dozen day-old donuts, which are still pretty darn good for being a day old. Their name is fantastic, and their donuts are better, if you can even imagine that.

3. Famo's Subs

My family has used Famo's since my grandfather lived near the sandwhich shop, because when we would visit he would always get us food from Famo's. Their shakes are awesome. They are the OG shakes that are not over complicated. Instead of Cookie Dough Brownie Shakes, which is just a whole lot of stuff crammed into one cup, they stuck to the basics of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. If you thought it couldn't get better than that, it does. Their sandwiches are really, really nice. They taste like home: the ultimate comfort food done right.

4. Lickety Split

If you couldn't tell by now, I am a sucker for food places with punny names. Lickety Split, as verified by the name, is an ice cream/custard spot that is perfectly retro and fun. They have the old-fashioned candy and sodas, but what I go there for is their concrete mixers. They are fresh-made custard with toppings of your choice, or you can select a mixer that has already been assigned the ingredients of choice. Either way you'll be happy as a clam in this decked out retro custard heaven by Loyola University in Chicago.

5. Bakers Square

I know they are a chain, but if you have had their french silk or banana cream pie, you would understand why I am so obsessed with them. Their pie is unfathomably great. And if you are like me, you can pass banana cream pie off as fruit (thus healthy). Bottom line: their pie is damn good.

6. Superdawg

There's nothing like Portillo's-style food in a old-fashioned, Sonic-looking location. I am from Chicago, so even though I am not a Chicago-style dog lover, I do love a good hot dog. I would nominate Portillo's because of the cool atmosphere inside, but I think Superdawg wins this one because their hot dogs are amazing and I get an excuse to say "dawg" in a context that absolutely makes sense. Also, their fries are called "super fries." I pronounce them as soup-a fries. 'Nough said. 

I love being surrounded by familiar go-to food places that can pick me up a little or serve as a great late night snack. Although I will be leaving all my beloved food places behind, I am excited to see what Pitt has to offer. I mean, college is all about discovering new things, and you can bet that by the end of this year I will already have some go-to food places that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Lead Image Credit: Instagram via julesdroolz

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Anne Marie Yurik - University of Pittsburgh

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