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Jul 20 2017
by Anne Marie Yurik

5 Reasons You Should Learn About Your School's Activities Before the Year Starts

By Anne Marie Yurik - Jul 20 2017
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Getting involved in school seems like something that happens at the orientation fair, but getting involved can happen for you starting at home. So why not? But if you need a little extra nudge, here are a few reasons why you should start early.

1. It will give you more confidence.

Knowing that you have plans ready and things you are interested in will ease the nerves you feel about college since it is all so new. It will allow you to know you already found things you are interested in, which is a relief.

2. The activity fair will be overwhelming.

Every college tour I went on talked about all the clubs and activities that will be at the fairs offered by your prospective university. And they mentioned just how overwhelming it is. So many clubs and so much going on in one place can be really stressful, so any way to alleviate potential stressors before freshman year is a good idea.

3. It will give you ideas about how to budget your time.

Everyone always says that getting used to a college schedule is very difficult for the first few weeks, and with the urge to get involved and get to know new people, all the clubs you will want to join will be nerve-racking. If you start looking before college, you will be able to have a better idea of what time you have to spare, so you can avoid getting too overwhelmed.


4. You can find new things you wouldn't have tried.

Looking beforehand allows you to more deeply explore new things without feeling uncomfortable. It also allows you to reach outside your comfort zone instead of just looking at what you are interested in. 

5. You will feel way more prepared.

There is something to be said about the feeling you get when you know you've started something ahead of time and you're a little bit more prepared than most for the upcoming steps. That feeling applies here. Now that you have more freedom to schedule things your own plans and truly take care of yourself, feeling extra prepared before college is always a good thing.


You definitely do not have to plan out your entire life before heading to college, but knowing the name of a few student organizations that piqued your interest will give you the peace of mind you need to feel better about your new, fresh start.

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Anne Marie Yurik - University of Pittsburgh

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