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Jun 11 2017
by Anne Marie Yurik

10 Things Every Senior Has Thought Before Entering College

By Anne Marie Yurik - Jun 11 2017

As an incoming freshman, there is definitely a lot on your mind. But it's not all about registering for classes or paying for a meal plan. Here's a look at some of the things itching their way into our subconscious before school starts. 

1. Is my roommate a serial killer?

If you were/are not at least a little worried that the person you are living with who you met online is a murderer, do you even care about your future? I mean, the entire roommate process goes against the stranger danger rules we learned as a kid.

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2. What if it doesn't get any better than high school?

You either hated or loved high school; nonetheless, the thought that you already passed your prime creeps up every once in awhile. What if you did just pass the best moments of your life without even knowing it? Many people do.

3. Will my friends and I stay in touch?

Everyone gets a little shocked thinking that they will be away from their friends in a totally different environment that changes most people. Undergoing huge transformations without the people you know best can be daunting, especially if you don't know if things will be the same after.

4. How many clothes can I fit into the closet, if I squished?

Go-to clothes are a must-have in college since that will probably be the most familiar thing you have. But if you have too many of them, what happens next? How much can one squish into a foot and a half? Deciding between that hoodie and worn-in t-shirt is like Sophie's choice.

5. How do I know I picked the right school?

It's okay to be worried about a potential transfer or possibly even being miserable your first year of college. How do we know that we chose right? Honestly, it's impossible to tell, and it's okay to worry, but maintain positive energy for the future.

6. Will I get tired of the cafeteria food?

All the cafeteria smells and food choices available at the swipe of a card seem appetizing. Not just me, right? Even if it is, the temptation of unhealthy easy-to-access food is legit. But what happens if those delicious smells are the ONLY delicious smells and next thing you know, you're tired of the food three weeks in? Worst case scenario: you can always turn to your buddy, ramen.

7. How real is the Freshman 15?

Even if you live under a rock, you have heard the terrifying tales of the Freshman Fifteen. Sometimes the food is too much, too quick. However, the real question is: will that happen to me? 

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8. Does homesickness really happen?

How can people be homesick when there are new opportunities, awesome adventures and so much to do away from the watchful eye of your parents? Nonetheless, with everything gained something is lost. Will you miss your parents questioning you about your day? Home-cooked meals? It's too soon to tell.

9. Are communal bathrooms gross?

Most of us have been pampered with clean bathrooms that include personal space and this little thing called privacy. The notion of wearing shower shoes to the bathroom in the place where you live seems a bit crazy. On the other hand though, will you need to in college? How bad is it in there? Should we buy Febreze and a gas mask now or later?

10. Will I make new friends?

Our friends from home will always be near and dear to our hearts. They are the people who know us best, but truth be told, they won't be with us this upcoming year, and the necessity to make new friends will be eminent. Is it still possible or have we lost our touch? What if everybody is already friends? Don't stress too much, though. The future is a big question mark and the odds of you finding at least one person you vibe with are very high.

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Despite the many fears, questions or uncertainties we may have about the next four years of our lives, we should not spend too much time worrying. We don't want to miss the moment while preparing for it to happen. Let yourself ponder these questions, but don't spend too much time being anxious when you can get excited instead. 

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