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Nov 04 2015
by Anna Lee Nabors

8 Things College Students from Alabama are Tired of Hearing

By Anna Lee Nabors - Nov 04 2015

1. "Auburn or Alabama???"

Yes, football is a big big deal in Alabama and we have a HUGE state rivalry. However, our lives are (mostly) not one hundred percent dedicated to college football. There is also a pretty significant minority of Alabamians that aren't fans of either team and getting tired of hearing "War Eagle" and "Roll Tide" all the time. On the other hand, there are massive tailgates and the SEC does take over peoples lives from Labor Day until Christmas so just roll with it. 

2. "What is up with saying y'all?"

We know how we talk. We hear ourselves. We know that y’all is a really weird contraction and saying “you guys” probably sounds better. Please don't imitate our accents! We love them and you have to admit that they are endearing.

3. "Do you guys even have school??"

We have school in Alabama and we go to it!! Yes, our public education system is not great and statistically, Alabamians fall short in a couple of areas but to comment on an individual's intelligence based on that is just rude. All comments about ignorance just need to stop!

4. "So do you actually hook up with your cousins?"

No, no, no... nobody actually has "kissing cousins" (much less marries them). There are weirdos everywhere but this stereotype is so bizarre and tired that at this point it's sort of funny. 

5. "You all live in the country, right?"

There are cities in Alabama!! Well, maybe there are only like four, but we don't all live in the middle of nowhere. However, Alabama has really beautiful countryside and that's something we're really proud of - so don't knock rural areas!


I have never in my life not worn shoes in a public place and I don’t know anyone from Alabama that has. We are civilized people down here! Again, this is one that is so random you just have to laugh at it.

7. "Sweet tea is disgusting..."

I'm actually not a fan of (hot or cold) tea so I can completely sympathize with this one. The image of the gossipy moms sitting on the front porch with a pitcher of sweet tea talking about what Susie wore to the PTO meeting is pretty much the only Alabama stereotype I can completely get behind. It is 100% real. Lifehack - if someone offers you some sweet tea (because of that good ol' southern hospitality) and you're hesitant (because it's nasty), load up on lemons.

8. And please, please don’t sing “Sweet Home Alabama”

Actually this one is kinda sweet... please continue. 

Lead Image Credit: André Natta, Flickr

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Anna Lee Nabors - Rhodes College

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