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Jan 09 2016
by Anna Lee Nabors

10 Things To do at Home That You Probably Haven't Done Before

By Anna Lee Nabors - Jan 09 2016

1. Go for a hike.

Find a local park with some fun trails and awesome views and go take a hike with a couple of friends or some of your siblings. 

2. Cook a meal.

You may not have a way to cook at school and it may not be something you've ever really tried. Take advantage of your kitchen and all of the space you have at home and try to cook something new. 

3. Take a day trip.

If you don't live near a big city, or you want to explore someplace new nearby, hop in the car with some friends and take a mini road trip. 

4. Visit a museum

Does your hometown have an art or history museum that you've never been to? If so, go explore it!

5. Go to the library

It may seem like you spent all of last semester in the library but take advantage of the time you have at home to find a good book to read.

6. Go without your phone for a day.

Try to really live in the moment and enjoy your city for a day. This means no updating your snapchat story, checking Facebook, or texting someone every ten minutes. 

7. Send a postcard.

Write a quick note to someone that you miss. It could be a friend that is far away or a relative that you haven't talked to in a while. Share something that is going on in your life as well as a piece of your town by sending a postcard. 

8. Start a conversation with someone new.

Utilize some of your newfound college confidence to strike up a conversation with someone random. It could be the barista at your favorite coffee shop, the librarian, or a neighbor that you don't know well. 

9. Cafe crawl.

Figure out where the best coffee in your town is. Spend a few days exploring new coffee shops and seeing what they have to offer. Maybe take some friends with you, so you don't get sick of coffee.

10. Go to a city park.

Whether you want to take your dog on a walk or take younger siblings to play, the park has something for everyone. Most cities have several parks with a lot to offer that you probably haven't fully explored yet. 

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