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Dec 02 2015
by Anna Lee Nabors

10 Breaks You Should Take While Studying for Finals

By Anna Lee Nabors - Dec 02 2015

While finals may be one of the most stressful things ever, the key to doing well and studying productively is to take 20-30 minute breaks once your brain is starting to feel fried. 

1. Workout.

I know going to the gym sounds really unpleasant in the midst of finals stress, but a brief workout makes you more productive and energized. 

2. Take a Walk.

If you're not up for a full on workout, even taking a quick walk around campus to clear your mind can have the same effect. 

3. Shop.


This is a great way to be (somewhat) productive and take your mind off of stressful things.

4. Netflix (DO NOT START A BINGE).

Seriously, only do this if you have amazing willpower. One episode of that show that you love can't hurt and is a great way to give your mind a little break. But seriously, one episode.

5. Playlist.

Make a playlist of your favorite pump up or relaxing music and take a half an hour or so to just not think about anything.

6. Watch a TED Talk.


TED Talks are always enlightening and inspiring. They'll let you relax your mind without completely turning it off. 

7. Read Something.

Sometime over the course of the semester you've realized that you haven't read a single thing that you actually wanted to read. Take a little study break to pick up your favorite book and decompress. 

8. Call Home.

Some words of wisdom from the people that love you can always help you destress and calm down when you're feeling super overwhelmed.

9. Clean Your Dorm.

If you are feeling stressed out, one way to reduce stress is to clean up something that you have control over: your dorm! This makes it easier to get work done and makes you feel a little more put together!

10. Take a Nap

If all else fails, just go to bed. Wake up in a couple hours and get back to work. You'll be able to focus more and you'll feel better. 

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