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Feb 03 2017
by Anna DiGiacomo

There's A Water Shortage in Chapel Hill and UNC Students Are Freaking Out

By Anna DiGiacomo - Feb 03 2017

“It’s like the apocalypse, only worse,” Amanda Davis jokingly reports.

Only five hours into a city-wide water crisis, student life at UNC-Chapel Hill has been flipped on its head. After the local Water Treatment Plant shutdown early this morning, the town and university were required to get their water from Durham. This was a simple task until a pipeline broke, leaving all Chapel Hill residents without access to running water.

The campus officially closed at 1 p.m. and the town of Chapel Hill declared a state of emergency at 4 p.m. Though administrators have urged students to leave campus, those thousands of students unable to leave on such short notice are now stuck in residence halls without access to water.

For students, this means no water fountains, no toilets, no food delivery and most importantly, no ramen. And in true college fashion, UNC students have handled responded admirably with - you guessed it - memes and tweets. Below are some of our favorites.

1. Questionable food choices

2. Hygiene is going out the window

3. UNC Dining knows what's up

4. We're all thinking it...

5. When Basketball > Water

6. UNC Housing getting in on the fun

7. Even Trump is getting involved

8. There's always a bright side

9. Too real

10. Spongebob is always relevant

11. I see what you did there...

12. It's not the year for athletics

Although the campus has responded by setting up portable toilets outside the residence halls and handing out bottled water at Ram's Dining Hall, the crisis is still very real. Still, at least there's humor to be found in the situation. Keep the tweets coming #uncwatercrisis.

Lead Image: Alison Krug via Twitter

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Anna DiGiacomo - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Anna is a freshman Strategic Communications major at UNC Chapel Hill. She played varsity soccer in high school and besieged the student body with libertarianism. She now spends her time annoying her roommate, catching Bruce Springsteen concerts and getting lost while pretending to camp. Follow her on Instagram @digiacomoa

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