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Dec 23 2016
by Anna DiGiacomo

The 6 Top Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2016

By Anna DiGiacomo - Dec 23 2016
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With the end of the semester and winter break officially underway, you may find yourself with a little too much time on your hands. After all, there are only so many Christmas movies and Netflix shows a sane person can handle. However, boredom doesn’t have to be your enemy this holiday season. Just think: when was the last time you had the opportunity to curl up on a cold Sunday morning with a new book and a warm cup of coffee? To help you get started, Fresh U has compiled a list of the best science fiction and fantasy books you might have missed this year.

1. All the Birds in the Sky

When childhood friends Patricia Delfine and Laurence Armstead part under mysterious circumstances in middle school, they never expected to see each other again.  Now adults, Laurence is a genius engineer working through technological intervention to prevent the end of the world, but Patricia, on the other hand, is working with a secret group of magicians with the same goal in mind. Never would they have imaged that a greater force is determined to bring them together — either to save the world or destroy it themselves. Get it from Amazon here.


2. Morning Star

The third installment in Pierce Brown’s Mars-based trilogy, Morning Star concludes the tale of Darrow, a former slave who cracks the color-code system used by the elite order and endeavors to dismantle the aristocratic society. With Brown’s ingenuity and impeccable storytelling, it’s easy to see why this series has obtained such a large fan base for both sci-fi connoisseurs and sci-fi newbies. Buy it here.


3. Infomocracy

With foreboding parallels to current world events, this futuristic novel written by Malka Older is a must for any politically minded reader with a taste for fiction. In this novel, world countries are controlled by centenals — miniature democracies that hold elections every ten years to decide which global government the world will join. However, the ruling organization called Information is ripe with corruption and people are willing to do anything to ensure they remain in power. Find it here.


4. The Invisible Library

An unforeseen hit in the UK, author Genevieve Cogman opens her popular series with The Invisible Library. In this novel, The Library is an organization that collects books from all across time — even books from alternate realities. This is where Irene, a spy for The Library, enters the picture with her novice Kai in tow. However, when her latest mission goes wrong, Irene must fight her way through London’s underworld, infested with vampires, werewolves and Fair Folk, with the books and herself intact. Grab it here.


5. Version Control

This popular novel by Dexter Palmer tells the story of Rebecca Wright — an alcoholic in a loveless marriage. However, a car accident threatens to undermine her future in impossible ways. She finds herself in a reality-altering world. In one version, she loses her son in a car crash and in another, she loses her husband in the same accident. She must find a way to create sense of these incidents and rescue her family. Buy it here.


6. The Summer Dragon

This novel by Todd Lockwood is perfect for any fantasy lover. In this first novel, Maia belongs to a family that raises and trains dragons for war. However, after the death of her mother, Maia begins longing for a dragon of her own to fill the void in her heart. But when a rare High Dragon enters her aerie, Maia’s world changes forever. A thrilling novel about adventure and risk, this fascinating book is one for any genre fan, and you can get it here.


All in all, 2016 was a great year for the science fiction genre. Whether you're wrapping these books up as holiday gifts or you're holding onto them for yourself, it would be a shame to miss these great novels.

Lead Image Credit: Clarisse Meyer via Unsplash

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