For college students, spring break is almost a rite of passage. The pressure is on to find the coolest destinations, throw the biggest parties and just have the most fun before classes start again. However, planning for spring break poses its own problems — where should you go and what should you do? Thankfully, these 12 college students were more than willing to share their spring break plans.

1. Anita Brown — University of Tennessee

"While I definitely enjoy a good party or two, I really get enough of that on campus. So my friends and I are going to break the tradition of crazy spring break parties and just hang out. Since we’re all pretty adventurous, we’re going to camp and hike our way through the Blue Ridge Mountains. We don’t have a set destination just yet, but what’s more fun than going on a road trip with your best friends?"

2. Ashely Swanson — University of Greensboro

"Well I'm going to D.C. with a group from my school for an alternative break trip. We will be feeding the homeless and interacting with people who have HIV/AIDS."

3. Anna Army — Syracuse University

"I'll be going home to Massachusetts and going to my cousin's wedding. Hopefully I will have internship interviews in Boston during the week! That's the goal!"

4. Casey Triplett — North Carolina State University

"I’ve got two words for you — Daytona Beach. Give me a warm beach, clear water and cheap hotels and I’ll show you a spring break you’ll never forget. Besides, I’m already putting my playlist together."

5. Meghan Clegg — Georgia State University

"I hate to say it, but as a Georgia girl born and bred, I’ve never been north of the Mason-Dixon line. So my roommate is taking me to stay with her family in Atlantic City!"

6. Brooklyn Brown — UNC Chapel Hill

"My spring break plans are a little undecided right now, but I know for sure that I'm going to a Stevie Nicks concert in the PNC Arena on the 19th."

7. Kathryn Korolishin — Arcadia University

"I'll be in NYC visiting my family!"

8. Aishwarya Sukesh — Syracuse University

"I'm going home for the week and spending the weekend before school starts in NYC with friends before I head back to Syracuse."

9. Brianna Goodson — University of South Carolina

"Me and my roommate decided to get all our high school friends together and we're all going to meet in Cancun!"

10. Alexa Marzina — University of Pittsburgh

"I'll be going to NYC for the men's ACC basketball tournament!"

11. Austin Baker — Appalachian State University

"Lucky me! One of my friends has a vacation home in Miami and their family graciously allowed us to rent the place for spring break. I've never been to Miami so I'm super stoked!"

12. Kiara Nelson — Howard University

"I'm going to Orlando to hang out with a friend who's at FSU."

Whether you’re planning a night of debauchery, trying to get a break from it all or just hoping to meet some new people, spring break is a perfect opportunity to make lifelong memories. Just remember to be safe, have some sense and most importantly, have fun!

Lead Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons