While flyers and club representatives still have a place in spreading campus news, arguably nothing is quicker or more reliable than social media accounts. Whether it’s checking Facebook events for fun activities or tracking the general campus buzz through Twitter, social media has revolutionized the college experience.

Below are the best accounts every Tar Heel should follow.

1. UNC-Chapel Hill

As the main campus page, this is your go-to for general campus updates. This may include sports updates, information about campus programs, campus-wide events or even emergency updates. Basically, if you have questions about anything happening on campus, this is where you should check. Not to mention, the people running the site can be pretty funny.

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2. The Carolina Union

The Carolina Union is the center of student life at UNC, and they’re always holding some sort of event. Whether it’s cupcake raffles, watch parties, the Silent Disco or glow-in-the-dark rollerblading, you never want to miss out on the awesome events at the Union.

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3. Dogsofunc

Guaranteed to elicit a smile on even the worse days, dogsofunc is an Instagram page dedicated to the dogs commonly spotted on campus. The page always captions the name and age of the dog in the photo, helping you identify the dog if you’re lucky enough to stumble across them one day.

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4. The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel has been providing free news to UNC students since 1893 and is the best source of information for campus news. Though student-run, don’t let that deter you from this source. The paper has remarkably high standards and researches their articles thoroughly.

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5. The Loose Brick

A new addition to campus life, the Loose Brick quickly gained a following as Chapel Hill’s premier satirical newspaper. The Loose Brick specializes in twisting everyday aspects of UNC life into a humorous account. Noteworthy articles by the Loose Brick include “Duke Students Realize $51,000 Tuition Isn’t Worth It” and “UNC Orientation Now Features Session On Avoiding People In The Pit.”

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The Loose Brick

7. Homerunremington

Remington is the newest and cutest addition to the UNC Baseball team. The team’s rehabilitative facility dog, Remington brings the umpire a water bottle at the end of every inning. Also, his Instagram pictures are disgustingly adorable.

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8. Jobs and Internships

This group page on Facebook is perfect for students hoping to find jobs in the Chapel Hill area. Whether it's on-campus or requires access to a car, there's something for everyone on this page. Just be sure to have an updated resume.

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9. Overheard at UNC

Another Facebook group, Overheard at UNC is a collection of funny encounters told by students across campus. However, amidst the memes and rivalry jokes, this site can also be a good way to catch campus news which the other main sources missed. Usually, these are oddly specific, such as a special sale at Coldstone. Still, good deals are vital when living on a college budget.

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10. Spotted at UNC-Chapel Hill

It's hard to narrow down just what goes onto the Spotted at UNC-Chapel Hill page. Another entertainment group page, the page is full of memes and strange pictures of things "spotted" around UNC. However, they also allow people to anonymously post kind messages about other students or about campus life in general. So while you never really know what you're going to get from this page, it's definitely worth following.

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Truly, the Chapel Hill community is vast, and there are plenty of sites that didn't make it onto this list. There are entire accounts dedicated to basketball, dining hall services or even Model UN. Be sure to focus on your interests and explore — there's something for everyone.

Lead Image Credit: Zach Mullen via Flickr Creative Commons