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Jun 11 2016
by Angelika Menendez

5 'Useless' Majors That Can Lead to Amazing Careers

By Angelika Menendez - Jun 11 2016

Starting at a young age, students begin to dream of what they want to become when they're older. Some children create impractical jobs for themselves, such as becoming a unicorn or a fairy princess. In middle school, these "impossible" dreams become more practical as students decide they want to be firefighters or vets. Once in high school, it is time to make a decision and, although college students don't have to pick a major until their sophomore or junior year, high school is the time where aspirations develop. Now, growing up I was always told my dream of being on Broadway was unrealistic. To this day, many students are told that their dream jobs are impossible to achieve. From education majors to theater majors, they all get labeled "useless." I believe that these majors aren't useless. In fact, when someone puts their mind to something it is possible to achieve their goal. All careers are difficult, and these "useless" majors offer the same amount of challenges as any other career. Students should be able to pursue their dreams, even when people say that their degree is "pointless."

1. Education


Without teachers, there would be no education system, and we would all be illiterate. From a young age, we meet our teachers and every year learn more from our next teacher. Soon we are thrown into the real world, but we know what must be done thanks to those education majors who became teachers. Not just this, but according to DePaul University, an education major can lead to careers, such as an admission counselor, an event planner, a camp director and many more.

"I have always had a passion and drive to work and help younger children. With a degree in elementary education, I would like to work at a school, teaching 2nd or 3rd grade classes," Troy University Freshman Eleanor Harley said.

Teaching takes patience, guidance and one must have a passion. They must want to deal with children and love them. In fact, education majors are the ones that soon become children's parents when they aren't home, but are in school.

2. Theater

Genesis Sanchez

When people hear the word theater they think of Broadway, bright lights, and unemployment. Only the certain lucky ones make it and the rest end up on the streets. What’s the point of getting a degree in theater if you’re going to end up without a job? Although this is the assumption, it is untrue. A degree in theater teaches not just acting skills, but also communication and public speaking skills. According to Harvey Young, students with a theater degree go on to become lawyers, producers, management consultants and more.

“The big dream is to star on Broadway, but overall I really just want to make a difference through art, because art is universal,” Florida State University Freshman Katerina McCrimmon said.

The opportunities are endless for a theater major. The experience students get with this degree cannot compare to the experience of any other degree. Theater programs are truly one of a kind.

3. Music


Music is a universal language. Everyone listens to music at all times, whether it be to relax or have fun. Even though music is everywhere, people believe that a degree in music is useless. Of course, this isn’t the case. According to Northern Illinois University, those with a music degree can become anything from composer to a multimedia engineer.

“I chose to major in music to get a better understanding of the background of classical music and to improve my singing to one day pursue a career at the Metropolitan Opera,” Boston Conservatory Freshman Leah Lozada said.

Musicians have big dreams, but with those big dreams come persistence and ambition. A music degree teaches students everything from learning how to use different sets of equipment to ways to improve your voice. With all the skills a music major picks up, the possibilities are endless.

4. Psychology


When people hear the word psychology the only job that comes to mind is a psychologist. What people don’t realize is that psychology is more than just understanding the human mind. Psychology involves not just science but many other skills needed in other fields, such as understanding and communication.

“The cool thing about psychology is that it kind of applies to everything, so I feel like if I wanted to use it for a career in business, like human resources, it would be good there too,” Fordham University Freshman Samantha DeAssis said.

Many people believe that there are too many psychology majors, but the answer to this is no. Although it is a popular major, the skills picked up from this degree are invaluable. According to Northwestern University, there are five types of career paths for psychology majors: health professions, law, business, social services and graduate studies. Whether a psychology degree lead to research or teaching, a psych majors will always have a job.

5. Graphic Design


Video games and animation are all related to the arts, but this kind of art requires technology; it requires graphic design. When people hear graphic design they automatically think of Pixar or a popular animation company. Much more goes into graphic design that drawing. Graphic design combines art and technology to make pictures come to life. This is why we have GIFs and animation movies.

‘’I see myself doing what I love. With a growing digital art industry and jobs out there in animation studios, I see myself putting my degree to use," University of Central Florida Freshman Gabriel Marino said.

According to Rassumen College, jobs hiring those with a graphic design degree range from presentation specialists to user interface developers. A graduate could make a salary of up to $118,000 a year! Graphic design is often discredited for being an art, but truly it involves science, math, and art to make videos of things we all know and love today.

Lead Image: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr Creative Commons

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Angelika Menendez - Fordham University

Angelika Menendez is a freshman at Fordham University. She is majoring in communications and minoring in theater. She hopes to end up on Broadway some day! Follow her on Twitter @angelikamariem

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