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Jul 03 2016
by Angelika Menendez

Clemson University Will No Longer Charge Students for Admission At Football Games

By Angelika Menendez - Jul 03 2016

Throughout the offseason, Clemson University has an ongoing debate on whether or not to charge students admission to games. On June 30, The Score reported that the final decision was to not do this, which according to student body president, Joey Wilson, made students across the university happy.

In a recent interview with The Post and Courier, Wilson said:

There’s a lot of tradition at Clemson of letting students come to football games for free, which is something beautiful about Clemson, and it’s something that should continue. 

Originally, The Score reported that athletic director Dan Radakovich said season tickets would cost students $225 each. This would have generated between $1.8-2 million for the athletic department. Even though this would bring in revenue, Clemson doesn’t need students to buy tickets to sell out. In fact, The Sport said that Clemson has already sold out 57,059 renewable packages for the 2016 season.

This decision may only last for the 2016 season, but for now everyone is happy. Hopefully for students, they continue this next year. It’s not like Clemson wants to break an ongoing tradition that would affect its student body.

Lead Image Credit: Ken Lund via Flickr Creative Commons

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Angelika Menendez - Fordham University

Angelika Menendez is a freshman at Fordham University. She is majoring in communications and minoring in theater. She hopes to end up on Broadway some day! Follow her on Twitter @angelikamariem

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