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Aug 01 2016
by Angelika Menendez

Celebrities Show Their Support for the Big Twelve

By Angelika Menendez - Aug 01 2016

The Big 12 Conference is a conference of 10 universities which participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division One  Football Bowl Subdivision football. The Big 12 has quickly become a big deal to many college football fans, including several well-known celebrities. According to Arm Chair All Americans, celebrities, such as Justin Timberlake and Larry the Cable Guy have all voiced their support for their teams on social media platforms.

The first to voice his support on Twitter was Texas governor, Greg Abbott, who said he supports the University of Houston. He tweeted this out on July 21 and other public figures, such as the president of the University of Texas, Greg Fenves, soon followed with their support.

So now the University of Houston has two supporters speaking out on social media, but Larry the Cable Guy came to Twitter to show his support for a different team, The University of Central Florida. He tweeted out support for the Knights to be a part of the Big 12 on July 27.

The final celebrity to voice his opinion was Justin Timberlake on July 27, a few hours after Larry the Cable Guy. Timberlake came out on Twitter and showed his support for Memphis.

Which 2 colleges will be admitted to the Big 12? Who knows??!!

Lead Image: Getty Images via Ronald Martinez

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Angelika Menendez - Fordham University

Angelika Menendez is a freshman at Fordham University. She is majoring in communications and minoring in theater. She hopes to end up on Broadway some day! Follow her on Twitter @angelikamariem

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