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Aug 23 2016
by Angelika Menendez

A Look at Lochte's Lie Compared To Other Athletes

By Angelika Menendez - Aug 23 2016

One of the biggest stories that has come out of the 2016 Rio Olympics is Ryan Lochte getting caught in his lie. When an athlete tells a lie it reflects on many factors, from the organization they’re representing to their alma mater. Everyone has their own predictions for the consequences he is going to face, but on Aug. 18, Sports Grind made their own predictions based on how other athletes have fared in the past.

1. George O’Leary

Flickr Creative Commons via ATrumbly

According to Sports Grind, O’Leary lied on his resume to receive a coaching position on the football team for Notre Dame. He even claimed to have gotten his masters from a university that, Notre Dame soon found out, did not exist. Once he was laid off from the team, he was shunned from college football, but one school gave him a job. The University of Central Florida (UCF) offered him a job on the coaching staff in 2004, despite the lies he had previously told.

"Even though he lied that does not strip him of his knowledge and qualifications, and just because someone makes a mistake doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be given another opportunity," UCF freshman Gabriel Marino said to Fresh U.

After hiring O’ Leary UCF went on to win 10 or more games four times and even won the 2014 Fiesta Bowl against Baylor. O’Leary finally left the school after working with them for 12 years. Seems like, in spite of his lies, O’Leary was able to recover and snag a coaching job until he left.

2. Josh Shaw

Flickr Creative Commons via Neon Tommy

Josh Shaw was the well-known defensive back for the University of South California (USC) his senior year in 2014. Although senior year is supposed to be filled with fun and glory, his ended in a lie. According to Sports Grind, Shaw claimed he broke his ankle leaping from his apartment deck into a pool to rescue his young nephew from drowning. It turned out that Shaw did in fact jump from his apartment deck, but it was to escape the cops who were at his apartment because of a disturbance call.

"I think [lying] is unacceptable since [athletes] represent their school or organization in such a recognizable way…they should be getting positive press for their accomplishments, not for what they do outside,” USC sophomore Sabrina Tong said to Fresh U.

Shaw paid the price for his lies when he was suspended from the team, but he still played the final three games of the season. His lies didn’t cost him much though since he ended up getting drafted to the Cincinnati Bengals.

3. Ryan Lochte

Flockr Creative Commons via JD Lassica

The most recent athlete caught in the lights of a lie is U.S. Olympic swimmer and University of Florida (UF) alumnus, Ryan Lochte. Lochte fabricated a lie that he was robbed at gunpoint, when the truth was that he was intoxicated with three of his teammates when they vandalized a Shell gas station. Although security officers did draw their guns at the men, Lochte exaggerated the story to make himself look like the victim instead of the perpetrator.

“It’s been almost a decade since he left UF, and what he did seems to be from a lack of character and not education. He is not representing UF, he is representing the USA, and that’s the bigger problem,” UF sophomore Steve Mendez said to Fresh U.

According to Swim Swam, Lochte graduated from UF with a degree in sports management in 2007, and was named the NCAA swimmer of the year for two years. During his time at UF, CNN reported that Lochte also ran into trouble with the law, receiving three citations and one arrest. Now, nine years after his graduation, Lochte is into trouble while representing the US in Rio. Whether or not he will recover is something only time can tell, but already Lochte has apologized to the public twice and hopes to compete in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics.

Lead Image Credit: Rory via Flickr Creative Commons

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